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Get your tummy filled this S’mores day!

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 2 2016
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Time to celebrate the much loved campfire treat because it’s S’mores day on the 10th August! 


Nobody really knows where the tasty treat comes from, but it sure has a special place in our hearts. It was the Girl Scouts who first published a recipe for ‘Some Mores’ in 1927, and that name was used up until the early 70s when the snack got its popular name. Since then it has been a regular around campfires, and subject to several Guinness Records. The world’s largest S’more weighed 121.11 kg (267lbs) and it took 104 volunteers to make it. On April 21st this year, the world record of number of people making S’mores simultaneously was set in Huntington Beach in California, whopping 423 participants.

With that in mind, we have gathered together some of the best S’more ideas for you to try out. So, crack open the grahams crackers (or any sweet biscuit cracker), grab some small solid chocolate pieces and put those marshmallows on a stick because you’re going to be making S’mores!

The Original S’mores

What you need: 
- Graham Crackers (Or any other cracker of your choice, digestives etc.) 
- Marshmallows
- Chocolate of your choice 
-  A stick or a rod 
- Open fire (We recommend adult supervision if you’re a minor!)

Grill the marshmallow until it is soft and gooey, then put it on a graham cracker (or equivalent). Then put a piece of chocolate on top before putting the other cracker on top. Give it a gentle squeeze together and enjoy! 

The S’moreo
This is a must have if you love Oreo cookies. You use the same ingredients and method as The Original, but instead of Graham crackers, you use Oreo cookies instead.

The Nutella S’more
Who doesn’t love Nutella?! In this S’more you swap out the chocolate pieces with Nutella instead. Spread some Nutella on a cracker before you put the marshmallow on it. If you want to take it even further, put some banana or strawberry slices in between as well. DELICIOUS!

The PB and S’more 
A campfire version of the well-known PB & J sandwich (that’s peanut butter and jam, to our British followers), but in s’more form. Use the same technique as the Nutella s’more but instead of chocolate spread; spread peanut butter on the crackers instead and watch the chocolate melt into the peanut butter. 

The Cookie Monster S’more
This is for all the cookie dough lovers out there. Go ahead as described in The Original S’more, but before you put the marshmallow on the cracker, place some cookie dough on the crackers. Make sure you use a batter that is edible raw. Alternatively, swap out the Graham’s cracker with already cooked cookies. Cookie-tastic!

Remember, S’mores can be really messy to eat, especially if you’re doing this in the outdoors / campaing and you don’t really have quick access to a washing facility. Keep some hand wipes with you so you can quickly clean your hands up and wipe marshmallow / chocolate from your face after you’ve finished eating! 

Happy S’mores day! 


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