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Go down to the woods today… Teddy Bears Picnic!

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 30 2016
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Summer might be almost over! Enjoy the last of the sunshine by hosting a Teddy Bears Picnic for your kids and their friends. 


If you have run out of new and exciting things to do with the kids after the school holidays why not throw them a Teddy Bears Picnic. It is fun for the whole family and it’s an easy day to plan! You can hold your Teddy Bears Picnic in your back garden; at a park or even just in the living room depending on what you’re planning and how many people will be coming! Get planning your picnic now… 

Prepare your invitations. 
First things first you have to figure out who you are inviting. Once you know who you are inviting, you need to create your invitation. To make your invites you will need: craft paper, a large bear cookie cutter, markers, and ribbon/decorative paper. 

To make your invites you will need to place your cookie cutter on your craft paper and draw around it, then cut out the bear shapes so each invite is a teddy bear. Then you can use markers to draw a face on the bears and decorate the front with the invitees’ name. After you have your teddy bear base you can give each teddy bear a bow using the ribbon/decorative paper you have. On the other side of you invite you can include the details of the party and the teddy bears picnic rhyme:

The teddy bear picnic rhyme goes like this...

If you go out in the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go out in the woods today
You'd better go in disguise.

For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because
Today's the day the teddy bears 
are having their picnic.

Now that your invitations are done it is time to get on to planning your party. You’ll need snacks, decorations, and games and of course party bags to hand out at the end. 

Prepare your decorations. 
If you are having your picnic in the park keep your decorations simple. Use giant throws on the floor for the kids to sit on, with picnic baskets and if you can also bring along some balloons to add to the festivities. If you can get mini picnic baskets you could pack each child (and their bears) a mini basket each. It’ll make them feel very special. 

If you are hosting the party at home then you can go a little more over the top with your decorations. Set up a table and cover it with gingham table covers. This table will be filled with delicious snacks for the kids. You can also hang bunting around the room and if you can find some get teddy bear paper plates, cups and even napkins. 

Once your room is looking ready for the guest you might want to plan some games for the kids to play whilst at the picnic. 

Prepare your games.
Teddy bear parade. Each child and their bear should line up! Then have one or two adults judging the teddy bears based on things like the biggest, smallest, most unusual color, largest bow, biggest ears etc. Make sure child and their bear gets an award. These awards could be ribbons, certifications or even mini trophies if you can find some. 

A good game to play is "Is that your bear?" Have the kids sit in a circle with all the bears piled in the middle. The birthday child will go first. They will put on a blindfold. Then the birthday child will be presented with three bears, one of which is their own bear. Through touch the child is challenged to figure out which bear belongs to them! 

Once the games are over the kids at the party will probably start to feel hungry, so it’s best to have some party snacks prepared. 

Prepare your snacks. 
If you are having a picnic outside create little individual baskets for each child. Include sandwiches that are in the shape of teddy bears and don’t forget a mini sandwich for the teddy bear too! Also include crisps, fruit, and a juice drink for every child. If you can find mini versions of anything you have included make sure to add a mini version for every bear too. It’s a good idea to include some refreshing hand wipes, so the kids can keep their hands (and bears!) clean at all times. 

Once the picnic baskets are done you can also hand out teddy bear cupcakes! Try this delicious looking bear recipe, if you have time you could even get the kids to decorate their own cupcake to look like their bear. 

Now you should be ready to throw your teddy bears picnic. Enjoy teddy bears picnic day and if you throw your own party send us images on Twitter and Facebook! We’d love to see your recreations. 


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