#GoSantaGo - And he did!

Posted on Dec 14 2015
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Last week we took Santa on a trip around the world! 

He started in the Arctic Circle and ended in the Suominen headquarters in Helsinki. On his way he stopped in Italy, Spain, Brazil and the USA, which are all the countries that Suominen has bases. 

We expected it to take good few days for Santa to travel around the world, but he was so eager to deliver the presents, his entire adventure only lasted 24 hours! So this is proof that Santa CAN certainly deliver all those presents in one night. Well…with the help of everyone on Twitter powering his wipe glider. 


In each country we had a prize to giveaway, for Italy we gave away a Bobbi Brown makeup kit, for Spain there was an AppleTV up for grabs, for Brazil we gave away a cool GoPro+, and for the USA we gave away a Wii Mini, and finally when Santa reached Helsinki we gifted an iPad to one lucky winner. It was one heck of a journey for Santa, and we wanted to say a great big thank you to everyone that got involved and a big congratulation to all our lucky winners.  

Every person that got involved on twitter was great, cracking jokes, and sharing their special Christmas moments.  







If you took part in #GoSantaGo, we hope you enjoyed it, and since it was such a success we will be running similar and even better campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you are following us and regularly check our website for more updates: www.welovewipes.com!   

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