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Beth Yosler.jpg Posted by: Beth Yosler on Mar 5 2013
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Baby Wipes, Nappy Caddies and Toilet Training Inventions that Make Us Go “Whew!”

Great Light Bulb Moments for Moms

It is no secret that busy Moms need help – and, we’ll gladly take support from any trustworthy source we can find (our pediatrician, midwife, family members, neighbors, childminder, and even the friendly supermarket clerk who offers to pickup baby’s rattle for the 100th time). In addition to support of the human sort, I especially enjoy gadgets, gizmos and ingenious inventions that make life easier for my children and me.

Such inventions, in my experience, are most treasured during the nappy and toilet training years. A few of my very favorite creations include the nappy caddy, baby wipes, potty watch, training targets and toilet paper saver.

The nappy caddy is a portable changing station that provides Mom with everything she needs for a changing. It offers space for nappies, baby wipes, burp cloths, swabs, lotion and a changing pad. Some models even offer drawers or pockets for bits and bobs. I’m particularly fond of models with protective rubber “feet” that help prevent scratches and scuffs on tables and wood floors.

Baby wipes are portable, handy and oh-so soft. They are also safe and effective for wiping baby’s bottom. In fact, a recent study (published on by researchers at Manchester University confirmed that baby wipes:

  • Are as gentle on baby skin as the cotton wool and water washing technique
  • Can soothe nappy rash
  • Offer more convenience to parents

Moms with infants under 12 weeks however should consult with their midwife or pediatrician for the best option when cleaning baby’s napkin area.

Actually, I’d say baby wipes are my favorite invention (EVER – although, the epidural does take a very close second)!

For children who are toilet training, the potty watch is a great gadget that reminds them when it is time to “go.” It has music and blinking lights (always a hit with the five and under crowd) to help get their attention. So, children quickly learn to stop what they’re doing and get Mom (or Dad) to help them in the loo. Plus, the potty watch automatically resets to provide continual reminders throughout the day. I used the potty watch with my youngest son and found that it made training much simpler.

Training targets are fantastic motivators for little boys undergoing toilet training. These flushable, floating targets encourage boys to use the potty and develop aim (a skill greatly appreciated by Moms – for many obvious reasons). Targets are made of biodegradable material and are available in a wide-array of shapes, colors and sizes.

Toilet paper savers prevent children and pets from unrolling paper. While your children may consider them party “poopers” (couldn’t resist the pun), these great gizmos help keep your loo clean, save money and reduce the chance of paper ingestion. Some models even offer metered use, which is a great feature for toilet training.

These are just a few inventions that helped ease the early years for me. There are a plethora of other items available to help you through this phase of parenting. For more information, talk with your pediatrician or midwife. And, if you find yourself developing a deep admiration for baby wipes, “Like” We Love Wipes on Facebook ( to discover more valuable tips and uses or share your wipes story on!

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