Great SEXpectations - What to really expect!

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Feb 13 2015
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Expectations versus reality can work out well, but when they don’t things can go very, very badly. 

For example, you can plan sex from what fragrant you’re going to splash on to which color underwear you’re going to wear. But planning too much and thinking too hard about sex generally results in the ‘unexpected’.

Sex with edible things - Sex with food sounds fun, but in reality it's sticky and messy. It's really not romantic to be covered in sticky whipped cream while trying to have sex.

Post-coital - Every movie after having sex the couple rolls over and cuddles until they fall asleep. But in real life there’s clean up with wipes to be done and in some occasions, condoms to be disposed of.

In the car - The Titanic scene with a palm pressed against a steamy window may be one of the most famous sex scenes ever, but in reality it’s nothing like that. You end up with a gear stick stuck in your back or banging your head off the ceiling! Plus the only location you can actually have sex in your car is in your garage and that takes the fun right out of it.

In the shower or bathtub - Having a romantic bath with your partner doesn't have to be all about sex. But when the mood strikes it’s hard to get it on with the limited space and trying not to splash water everywhere.

Wedding night - Was your wedding night anything like these couples? We all dream of our wedding nights and imagine how romantic it’s going to be with rose petals laid out on the bed. But it’s not like that at all, you’re exhausted, drunk, and it takes at least 45 minutes to get out of your dress and take out your hair.

In the office - Having sex in the office is something that a many people want to experience. But not only do you have a chance of being caught by your boss but throwing all the papers off your desk after you have just organized it is sure to annoy to secret OCD person inside of you.

Kitchen - Your partner is cooking you dinner looking so romantic standing by the oven that you have to have him/her then and there. But be careful not to burn yourself on the stove, and not to burn your food!

Pool tables - Romantic right? Playing a game of pool and having your partner help teach you. Makes you want to get down and dirty on the pool table, but in reality there are pool balls sticking in your back and the table creaks every time you move on it.

Dressing up - It’s common for people to have a fantasy but living it out is not always what you expect it to be.

Nude sunbathing - So you’re on holiday and this year you are determined not to get tan lines, so you sunbathe naked. But you better make sure you put sun cream EVERYWHERE, you don’t want sunburn to ruin your sex life for the rest of the holiday. Use sun cream wipes to get those hard to reach areas! 

Phone/texts – Sexting is an art and a disaster for some. Just like these poor souls. In theory Sexting is fun; safe and can lead to even better things. But unfortunately there have been times when you either text the wrong number or worse, your parents.

Parents Walking In - It’s totally fine to be sexually active with yourself – if you can get pleasure by yourself, then why not? But these moments are best done in private and your parents walking in, is definitely not something you need!

When it comes to sex how awkward can reality and expectations be? Obviously a lot.  For some long-term couples it can be laughed off. But if it’s the first time you’re having sex with someone – sex can be horrendously embarrassing or just wonderful.


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