Guys need wipes too!

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Oct 22 2014
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We came to the party a bit late.

Well, we came to the parent party a bit late in comparison to our friends.  We endured tales of sleeplessness, stories of minor triumphs over feeding, pooping, sleeping and mess and we endured the hyperbole - once you use wipes you’ll never look back. So we also came to the wipes party a bit late too.  I knew they were useful, but hey they’re just little white sheets with some moisture in them at the end of the day. Useful, certainly not life altering.

As a guy, I was slightly deficient in my use and appreciation of wipes.  My wife has used them with make-up, personal care and cleaning wipes. Once cleaning wipes were introduced to the household - I did clean a little more effectively. But they never really held my attention. They were still just little white sheets with some moisture, albeit very useful ones.  

Giving birth is a pretty good advertisement for wipes in itself - but usually you’re at a hospital so the mess is their problem.  However…

 Cue child. 

From day one there was mess. Thick black sludgy poo, un-restrained wee, creamy white regurgitated milk.  Wow.  Repeated several times a day (sometimes it felt like several times an hour) 

In the fast pace world of parenthood - you need to be ready.  Wipes make you ready. They become a metaphor for survival. You want to make life more hygienic for your children and need to be economical with time.  Cue wipes. 

Introduce food - more mess. Cue wipes - one pack of wipes per day to be precise.

Between diaper changes, feeding time, learning the awesomeness of crayons and even my own personal hygiene. Cue wipes.

Remnants of your child’s breakfast on your shirt before you head to work. Cue wipes. 

The indeterminable stain on the roof of your car above the car seat. Cue wipes. 

When your child is introduced to other children and the eternal fountain of snot.  Cue wipes. 

Realizing there is marker on the side of your face.  Cue wipes.

Food wedged in every crevice of the highchair - even somehow underneath.  Cue wipes.

You get the picture. Wipes have changed my life. 

I never needed conversion, as a guy, I’ll be honest, the path of least resistance is always appealing - introduce fatherhood and it is essential. I’m not a convert, I’m a zealot. It went from ‘oh these things are useful’ to ‘these things are essential to these things are the greatest thing in the world!’

I would have said this was sad in years gone by, but quite unashamedly, I am a wipes connoisseur.   We know the moisture ratio, durability, scent of various wipes.  I know which make-up removal and moisturizing wipes I prefer of my wife’s (hey it’s useful to freshen up on the go).  We know how big a mistake it is to use baby wipes on computer screen because of the lotion.  We know which moist toilet tissues are better for different types of poos. We know which cleaning wipes are best for which surfaces.  Even our daughter has a preference and prefers them at room temperature rather than cold. (I think we probably all would really, wipes are cold and I feel bad when we used cold wipes now, not comfortable)

Most importantly we know that wipes rock. There are wipes in every room of the house.  If a wipe is needed, there is sheer frustration and panic when we realize there isn’t a pack of wipes around.  There are wipes in the car.  There are wipes in our bags.  They are often a feature of my work bag. 

As a dad, I came to the wipes party late. But now I’m here, I’m the life of the party.  I have computer wipes, facial wipes, car cleaning wipes, anti-bacterial wipes, house cleaning wipes, still baby wipes, cloth-cleaning wipes.  The list goes on.  You’d be surprised as a guy how far the list extends.  Not just for babies, not just for women, but definitely essential for dads. 

It may seem I’ve gone overboard - but try going even a few hours without using a wipe and having a child in diapers.  Then you’ll know.

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