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Halloween 'Wipe Off'

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Oct 29 2013
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Halloween - the only time of the year where you can dress up as anything you want without any judgement for how old you may be. 

This time of year is always fun seeing the effort people put in with their spooky decorations, carving life into pumpkins and handing out sweets to all those hyper children.

Regardless of your effort in celebrating this festive holiday, there’s a guarantee that you’ll be involved in DIY of some sort or lending a helping hand in painting someone’s something! Nobody expects you to be an artist when it comes to face or body painting and painting kids, when they’re already hyped up on sweets, is just an art disaster waiting to happen.

If you’re a parent taking your child out trick or treating, your night will go something like this - dress them in their costumes, paint their faces, take them by every single house in the neighbourhood, go home and wrestle them out of their costumes whilst they wrestle their way through all their sweets. Sound familiar?!

Yes - but what about all that face paint?

wipe off image.jpg

The last thing a child wants to do on Halloween is to get in the bath and scrub themselves clean when they know there’s a bag full of sweets waiting to be demolished. But taking all that paint off doesn’t have to be a complete chore - we promise.

How to remove face paint/makeup from young children (and the young at heart):

Wet Wipes: An old trustworthy technique. Most households tend to have some sort of wet wipes on hand whether they are baby or makeup but a good tip is to fold the wipe on the longer length and then in half again (so it’s a square), this way you have more ‘give’ when removing the caked-on paint which might mean you’ll use more but is extremely effective and efficient.

Baby Oil: Using a cotton ball, dip and swipe the baby oil across your child's face. You'll need to rewash when finished if there's an excessive amount of oil still left, though usually a few clean cotton balls will do the trick.

Makeup Remover: Face paint has similar properties to makeup so soaking a large cotton pad with this will have the same effect as removing makeup. What’s better is that makeup removers tend to be gentle on all types of skin so it’s perfect for sensitive eyes.

It’s important to remove paint from the face or body otherwise it could lead to small consequences like acne or wrinkling of the skin (gasp!).

Like sleeping in makeup, having layers of paint or grease on your skin will result in unnecessary exposure to the free radicals in the environment which grease will hold onto. These radicals can cause the breakdown in healthy collagen which results in fine lines on the skin. Having a mask of grease on the skin will additionally clog up the pores resulting in the development of acne which we want to avoid until later on in their age or ideally, never.

So yes, we do hope that your Halloween is filled with a lot of spooks, smiling children and a serious amount of sweets - just don’t forget to wipe off all that paint at the end with your trusty wet wipe.

We Love Wipes wish you all a safe and happy Halloween!

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