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Have you ever wondered how do toilets work in space?

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 19 2015
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Have you ever actually wondered how astronauts go to the loo in space?

To most kids, Space seems quite fascinating with the cool rocket ships, and the floating humans and objects. Living and working in space brings a lot of questions that we have all probably pondered at some point in our lives, questions like ‘how do astronauts ‘poop’ in space’ when they’re always floating around?

Obviously living in a Space station is completely different to living on Earth, and what we would think was an easy task (like bathing and using the loo), astronauts’ train extensively to make the process as normal as possible, using leg restraints and thigh bars because of the lack of gravity. Unlike toilets on Earth, instead of flushing there is a vacuum with fans that suck air and waste into the commode. Then this waste is disposed of and the liquids recycled into drinking water. Yes, really! It doesn’t go into Space like you may have thought, but recycled instead.

NASA released a video where an astronaut Cady Coleman uses candy chocolate and she shows how items go into a bag inside the toilet then the bag is detached, sealed and placed back into the loo. Then the toilet is closed and flushed and the waste is gone!

Here’s the video why don’t you check out what happens when astronauts need the loo in space! 

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