Head to Toe - Winter Skincare Tips

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Nov 26 2014
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As the seasons change we have to change our routines to keep up with what our hair and body needs to stay looking its best.

Here are a few little tips that we have picked up that we think can work for anyone:


Our hair has to battle its way through quite a lot in the colder months, such as crazy winds, huge temperature drops, and snowy blizzards. So here are a few things we can do to take care of our hair during this season…

Dry shampoo: When hair gets rained or snowed on it can start looking greasy and not pleasant earlier than we would like so carry some dry shampoo in your bag for those essential touch ups. 

Up-do’s: When its windy what’s the point in curling and spending hours on our hair when the wind will mess it around, well and up-do will fix everything there is so many cute ones to choose from. 


So in the summer its easiest to be an out the door kind of girl, so when it gets to this time of year and we need to spend more time on our skin and making sure that its not drying out drastically…

Wipes: Yes that’s right wipes, moisturizing wipes are a life saver in the colder months as we know that our skin is getting what it needs and we don’t have to sit around for twenty minutes waiting for a lotion to sink in.


Flu season is here, and that means washing our hands 10 times an hour, and using antibacterial gel in between washes, if the cold hadn’t washed out our hands this routine sure will…

Hand creams:  The go to this season, they just are the best thing for hands in these seasons.

Wipes: Carry some of those ever-amazing moisturizing wipes around with you they give you a hit of moisture without that greasy wait for our hand cream to sink in. 


We thought for feet we should touch on something different. Shoes. Colder months mean that we wear heavier more protective shoes and this can take its toll on our feet they start to strain and blister and it’s not pleasant…

Plasters: Not just any plaster though the ones that are designed just for blisters are lifesavers; really, they are created so that you can’t actually feel the blister while continuing to wear the same shoes. 

Fluffy socks: Shoes are sometimes made larger than we would like and so fluffy socks fill out some of the extra space, they keep your feet warm, and prevent straining to the feet from shoes that don’t fit, they will also help with the blisters. 

Ok that’s it for our seasonal routine shake up, but we have one final tip for you, if you get especially dry feet and hands in the colder month invest in some thick socks and gloves, put on a tonne of cream where the skins dry then stick on the socks and gloves it will allow the cream to sink in without going and smearing and then you can just wash the socks and gloves. 


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Always use wipes so easy and convenient love them
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great blog
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Well you learn something new every day...thank you.
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Never thought of using wipes to give my hands and even my face moisture! Fantastic idea TY so much! Easier and less messy than cream!
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your information is great
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