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How healthy is your make-up?

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Dec 10 2013
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When it comes to professional make-up artists, we’re all guilty of cosmetics envy. 

Super kits packed with more pallets and brushes than Michelangelo, and pristine collections of designer compacts, tubes and jars.

It’s enough to make your eyelashes curl!

However, for the rest of us, our tired make-up bags can be a bit disorganised and mucky. More like a toddler’s paint set than a treasured beauty box.

Make-up is a messy business; especially for those of us with busy lives. A few splodges of foundation, a dusting of powder, and the odd pencil smear, can result in grubby bags, dressing tables – and even carpets. 

One of the reasons we love wet wipes is that they’re ideal for dealing with such spillages and make-up emergencies. They’re also perfect for cleaning make-up bags and their grimy contents of congealed mascaras, dirty mirrors and smudged lipstick cases.

But, aside from being a bit mucky, our bags could be harbouring more serious make-up misdemeanours.

Like food, make-up also has a ‘best before’ date, and if you hold on to that old eyeliner for too long, it could be bad for your health. Germs fester in old make-up, and you could risk a reaction if you continue to use outdated cosmetics, along with dirty tools and brushes.

Therefore, it’s good practice to inspect your make-up kit on a regular basis  - not only for a clean – but to dispose of and replace any old or broken cosmetics: no matter how attached you are to that designer compact.

It’s also wise to be a little more hygienic when it comes to cosmetics; like using wet wipes on your hands and face before applying make-up, never sharing cosmetics, using clean or disposable brushes and applicators (instead of fingers) and ensuring all lids and zips are firmly fastened to keep unwanted germs away.

So, if you bought that blusher before the advent of fast-drying nail polish, then it’s time to clean-up your make-up act and give your cosmetics kit a health check - today!

Time to kiss and make-up or break-up? The lifespan of cosmetics:

Mascara: has the shortest shelf life of all, at just 3 months. Never share your mascara and replace the wand immediately after use.

 Lasts for 6 months, due to growing bacteria transferred from finger tips. Change in texture or smell? Then bin the bottle.

Lipstick: has an expiry date of 1-2 years. For maximum lifespan, opt for oil based lipsticks and keep your lippy in the fridge! Replace if you spot a change in taste or smell. 

Lasts approximately 2 years. If it breaks, then buy a new one.

Eye pencils:
Duration of about 2 years. Wax based pencils are best for keeping bacteria away. Sharpen regularly to stop dust forming, and dispose of any broken or crumbling pencils.

So what are your top tips for keeping make-up in tip top condition?

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I try and buy products that are smaller that way although they get used much quicker they are still fresh even to the last bit/drop
Sun May 18 2014