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How to clean Christmas decorations

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Dec 13 2016
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Christmas only comes once a year and that means those decorations you spend so much time selecting live most of their life in a box, hidden at the back of a cupboard or in the attic.

Long periods in storage means that your decorations can become dusty and a magnet for germs, even if they don’t look dirty. Cleaning them before getting your house ready for Santa Claus is vital to give you the best chance of having a sickness free Christmas.

To help you get your decorations sparkling, we’ve compiled a list of five suggestions:

- Baubles, particularly those made of glass, can be very fragile. Avoid any unnecessary accidents by using a soft brush that you would use to apply make-up.

- Kitchen wipes are handy little helpers in cleaning of many kind of decorations, and window cleaning wipes can be used for decorations made of glass

- If you do need to use something stronger always make sure to spot test any cleaning solutions on a small area of the decoration before you embark on a full clean.

- Fabric decorations, such as stockings, can be cleaned in a range of different ways depending on the material. For wool stockings we recommend hand washing them, however those made from other materials such as velvet may need to be taken to a dry cleaner.

- If you have an artificial tree make sure you remove all dust before putting it up. A good way of doing this is to gently go over each branch individually with a wet wipe.

- When it comes time to put them away again use acid free tissue paper or dishtowels. This will not only add extra padding, but they’re also free of chemicals that could damage your decorations.

Do you have any amazing tips for cleaning your decorations? Tell us about them below!

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