How to get the most out of your make-up wipes

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Oct 3 2014
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We all know how important it is to wash your face at the end of the day before you go to sleep, but sometimes that just seems like too much effort.

Luckily, makeup removal wipes are handy, little things when you need assistance with quick removal of all that daily grime from your face. Wipes are also necessary if you’ve had a late night out and you’re too tired to go through your 3-step facial cleansing routine.

When experts nag about how important it is to remove your makeup before you go to bed, they do have a point. Just think of all the things you come in contact with on a daily basis. Do you really want them just sitting on your skin and land on your pillow at night? Your skin can’t breathe and regenerate under a day’s worth of makeup, sunscreen, bacteria, dirt, pollution and oil. This layer will seriously clog your pores, cause acne breakouts and collagen breakdown, which causes fine lines over time.

As you’ll probably know, people have different skin types and therefore different types of wipes are suitable for different users. So you may want to spend an extra moment at the store to choose appropriate wipes just for your skin type. This is mostly related to the ingredients. Like you would also choose your facial cleansing lotion or moisturizer based on your skin type.

The interesting thing with wipes is that they can have textures. These can be patterns on the wipe surface for better cleansing features but also very significant textures like exfoliating dots that help remove dead skin cells.

Facial wipes are helpful in dissolving makeup, including waterproof mascara. Make the most of your facial wipe by using one corner for one eye and the opposite corner for the other eye. Then you have the rest of the wipe to remove any facial makeup. Doing it this way will reduce the amount of dissolved black mascara and eyeliner smudging across your face. After wiping the majority of makeup away, a rinse with water will remove any last traces of cosmetics and dirt. For a more profound cleansing and skin treatment you can also do an exfoliation with an n exfoliating wipe or pad that will remove dead skin cells and simulate skin cell regeneration. These single use exfoliating wipes and pads are quick and handy in use but they also secure optimal hygiene for your skin care routines. Reusable sponges or brushes will collect a lot of bacteria in time. You would not want to rub these back on your skin, would you?

If you’ve ever noticed going through your makeup wipes that the last few wipes tend to be a little moister than the others, it’s because the lotion used in wet wipes seeps through to the bottom. To get the most out of your makeup wipes and prevent them from drying out, close the pack directly after taking out the wipe. Also store the pack upside down so the lotion is able to soak through, back to wipes on the top.

Wipes can come in very handy for banishing excess oil when out and about or removing sweat after a workout. Just remember to apply sunscreen after using a wipe if you’re planning to spend more time outdoors during the sunny hours. While we do appreciate a thorough clean for our faces, sometimes facial wipes are more convenient and the most effective way of removing the daily grime. Just always remember to pick the most suitable makeup removal wipes for your skin type and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Makeup removal wipes are convenient in your daily life, as well as travelling and on-the-go. There’s no better feeling knowing that you’ve got a squeaky clean face while you’re sleeping so don’t slip into bad habits and make sure your facial skin gets the care it deserves.

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