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How to protect your car's paintwork from pollen, bird poo and other nasties

Posted on Mar 14 2017
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Want to know how to make sure that pollen, bird poo, cherry blossom and dead bugs don't leave a lasting mark on your vehicle?

Keeping your vehicle in good condition is vital task for any owner, however there is plenty out there just waiting to ruin your car’s paintwork particularly during early spring onwards. Watch out for these four potential paint wreckers over the coming months.


Pollen can be a problem in more ways than one. When it’s not making you sneeze, it’s settling on your car and ruining your paintwork!

Much like bird poo, this yellow dust may look harmless but it also contains acid. Removing it is vital if you are to avoid corrosion to the body of the car, however doing so is tougher than it looks. You see, pollen is good at sticking to things so wiping it away with no lubricant could end up causing very tiny scratches to the surface of your vehicle.

The best way to remove pollen is to grab your hose, buckets and a sponge and give it a good old clean. Make sure that you rinse the entire car with the hose to remove the thick of the pollen and then go every surface with your sponge and car shampoo. Once finished, rinse again and dry with a clean cloth. If there’s not much pollen around when you’re cleaning, you can also finish off by waxing your vehicle.

Bird poo

As any driver will be able to tell you, parking your vehicle under a tree is an open invitation for birds to do their business all over your nice paintwork. But as well as just being gross, bird poo can actually be very bad for your car’s finish. Bird poo contains uric acid, which isn’t a friend of paint. It doesn’t take very long for that nasty deposit to start having an impact on how your vehicle looks. Worse still, removing bird poo can actually make the situation worse as the hard and gritty droppings can scratch the paintwork.

Thankfully there are wipes that are specially designed to remove bird mess. The key is patience. Once you have purchased your bird dropping wipes, simply hold them over the poo long enough for it to go soft. Once soft, all you need to do is wipe away. Easy!

Of course, there are some people out there who think being hit by bird poo is lucky. You can read about that here.

Cherry blossom

They look beautiful, but cherry blossom trees can be a really pain for car owners who like to keep their vehicles in pristine condition. The blossom loves to stick to paintwork, turning your vehicle into a speckled pink spectacle.

Thankfully any “damage” caused by cherry blossom is superficial. You will find that any blemishes or marks can be removed with a light polish, however more stubborn marks may require more elbow grease.

Dead bugs

Travel any sort of long distance during the spring and summer months and when you arrive at your destination you can be certain to find your vehicle covered in a smattering of bugs. At best they can just make your car look a little messy, but at worst they can ruin your visibility and start to damage your vehicle’s finish.

The best way to stop your car from looking like a bug graveyard is a fairly simple one - by lathering up. Get out the sponge and some soap and get rid of those nasties as soon as you can, however there are also some special products out there aimed specifically at getting rid of those mini beasts.

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Tue April 4 2017
i hate to wash my car
Tue April 4 2017
I am definitely going to get a hose bucket sponge and clean the pollen off this spring!
Tue April 4 2017
Good to know since I use my car is my office!
Mon April 3 2017
I always feel better when I'm driving a clean car.
Sun April 2 2017
Very good to know!!
Thu March 30 2017
I try so hard to wash my car once a week i feel like i live in the pollen capital of the world.
Wed March 29 2017
Aww I was hoping you had come up with a wipe that stopped the bugs sticking to the car as they are the worst to remove x
Tue March 28 2017
Good Info
Sun March 26 2017
Thanks for your knowledge.
Sat March 25 2017
Awesome information, I had no idea this was out there.
Fri March 24 2017
good advice
Thu March 23 2017
good article
Thu March 23 2017