How to remove nail polish

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Oct 10 2014
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That sounds like an easy task. Removing nail polish should surely not be more complicated than putting it on. And what goes on, at some point must come off.

It’s not really as important as applying a nail polish but keeping healthy nails is an important base for nice looking nails, with or without nail polish.

I used to use some cotton rounds and a nail polish remover lotion to get this job done but that does get quite messy. So to avoid any unnecessary mess, I would give the cotton round a really good soak of nail polish remover and soak it onto the nail for a couple of seconds and then wipe it off in almost 1 move. This sounded like the perfect and easiest way to remove nail polish but the lady at the salon I frequently visit, told me that it isn’t actually good for the nails.

Whether you use acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover, they are both an organic liquid solvent. Acetone is quite tough but in the end both options are quite harsh for your nails. So a good rule to follow would be to use as little as possible and soaking your nails in acetone should be avoided.

It’s good to know but how can you avoid using only a little nail polish remover with a round cotton pad? They absorb quite a lot of liquid and only well moisturized pads work well. If you’re using dry cotton pads, at some point you will have cotton fluff sticking all over your nails, which can be quite annoying.

So I tried some nail polish remover pads. Some work better than others but in general they’re working quite well. I would say that the wipes tend to clean more nails, as there is more material surface to use. With the pads that often come in tubs you better make sure to close the case well as they dry out very fast. Single packed nail polish remover wipes are a good solution to avoid finding dry pads at home. Also the size of individually packed wipes is very handy; you can easily carry some in your purse for on-the-go purposes. There are always those moments that you are about to attend an important meeting and you find that your nail polish is at destruction stage. Wipes are a great solution when you are traveling, too, because that means one less liquid in the toilet bag.


It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have these wipes come in a set of 2; 1 to remove your nail polish and 1 to remove the residue of the nail polish remover and maybe even a nail moisturizing or nourishing ingredient for hand and nails.

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