I wish I had…an unbeatable backhand, and a few other tricks on tennis court

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saara_1.jpg Posted by: Saara Söderberg on Jun 30 2014
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My father, dad of three daughters, and grandfather of five, has always said that fine ladies do not sweat, they glow. 

Well, much did he know of a two-hour tennis match on a torrid summer day or a training session with a persistent coach working on my challenged backhand! I find that refreshing prior to a press conference after a victorious tennis match is important! One needs to meet the fans in a top shape! Well, just kidding, I wish again! But seriously speaking, I have found antiperspirant wipes handy for quick freshener prior to heading out of the court and eventually getting to a shower.

It is not only once that I have missed a perfect shot when my racket has accidentally rolled in my hand. I could not do with powders in my pocket, nor as I do not have the privilege of a ball boy in the corner of the court handing off a towel for me each time I feel sweaty, I resort to technology. Luckily there are wipes even for the challenges caused by sweaty hands. Wipes containing aluminium zirconium antiperspirant supports reducing the sweating of my palms and allows me to hold the racket precisely. This is known for many athletes from gymnastics to weightlifting.

I could use a nonwoven bag to put my used tennis shoes into after my game to absorb moisture and any possible odour out of the used shoes. Some leather conditioning wipe I could use to keep the upper soles of my shoes in good condition. As I do not have the privilege of breaking in new shoes at every match as the world top players do, nor do I have a sponsor for my game beyond supporting husband and own pay check, I need to keep my equipment in top condition.

I keep my expensive and precious rackets in good shape, by regularly changing the overgrip on my rackets, and in between changes cleaning them with alcohol containing wipes. It is important to let the grips dry properly prior to storing. There is quite amount of dirt, skin and clay residues on the grip, which quickly start growing harmful bacteria and fungus causing bad smell and skin irritation.

Still all these I have, and wish to have, do not take away the fact that I would like to hone my backhand to the shape it properly supports my game and allows me to build the points efficiently. Back to court it is!

I am truly starting to sound like a bloke with all gadgets and tools to support my sports. Well, you should hear of my technology supported hobbies in running tracks and orienteering paths!

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Sat August 13 2016
Sitting at Kits Beach Public Tennis Court trying not to look sweaty.
Thu August 4 2016