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It’s World Mosquito Day Tomorrow!

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 19 2016
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Not exactly the most pleasant of days, but it serves a good purpose. 


The day is a tribute to the Indian doctor Sir Ronald Ross, who discovered that female mosquitos transmit malaria between humans in 1897, creating a foundation for scientists across the globe to understand and treat the deadly tropical disease. 

For a lot of us, mosquitos are an annoyance, alongside other flying and biting bugs, and it can be hard to keep them away and out of homes. While mosquito bites are manageable for the most part, they are certainly frustrating especially when you feel like scratching them, which can lead to scars.

If you’re living in a country or will be visiting a country where mosquitoes are a common occurrence, then here are some actions you can take to keep them away and prevent them being around and bite:

Mosquito net or screen
If you live somewhere with a lot of mosquitoes and bugs, having nets and screens in your house might be a good solution. The mesh prevents the bugs from getting into your house, and consequently prevents bites. Put them up on your windows and doors for best effect. It can also be handy to carry a net when you are camping to keep them out of your sleeping area. You can even get hats where they are designed to have a net drape over the face and neck (almost like a veil) to protect you from mosquito bites when you’re out and about.

There are various types of bug repellent candles on the market. A lot of these candles contain citronella oils, which masks the scent that attracts insects, reducing the amount of mosquitos landing nearby it. It is also natural and non-toxic, making it safe for humans and animals to be around.

If you are out camping, gathering around a fire might help keeping the mosquitos away as they aren’t attracted to the smoke. This works even better if you can find a natural repellent to burn such as sage, citronella, lemon thyme or cedar plants as mosquitoes will be discouraged from flying around that area.

Mosquito repellent wipes
There are plenty of mosquito repellent products to choose from, and wipes are one of them and one of the most convenient and easiest to use. They offer long lasting protection, are non-greasy and easy to apply and carry around. Most of them also protect against other bugs such as ticks, gnats and chiggers as well.

Standing water
Mosquitos love standing water, and this is also where they breed. If you have a problem with mosquitos it might be worth checking if you have any standing water in gutters, pools, toys or buckets and eliminate this. 

In case you get bitten, make sure you keep some bite remedy with you. This can come in different forms such as cream, gel and even wipes, and are all available from most pharmacies and bigger supermarkets. Keep an eye on your bite too, if it gets severely swollen or painful, make sure you seek medical assistance as soon as you can. 

You are now prepared for World Mosquito Day or any other day you’ll find yourself around mosquitoes! 


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