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Join our next #WipesChat to talk about wound care!

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes on Jul 18 2016
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Wounds and injuries come in the form of rashes, bites, burns, scrapes, and cuts.

Thanks to revolutionary medical science, there are amazing products to enhance safe healing Some injuries and wounds need more attention than others, but with proper care and correct products, there are less risks of further injury or infection.

Have you experienced a surgical procedure and had to go through an aftercare process? Have you gotten more mosquito bites than you can remember? Or have you accidentally injured yourself with a hot object or a hot open source? Then this is the #WipesChat for you to share your experiences.

 In this month’s #WipesChat we’ll be talking about your experiences dealing with personal wounds and injuries, and how you or your family members cope with the healing process in the most hygienic way. Join the chat, be prepared to learn something new and maybe even win something just for participating, too!

When is this chat? All the quick and important details are below:

Date: Wednesday 27th July 2016

Time: 4pm ET / 9pm GMT

Theme: Wound Care

Make sure you RSVP by leaving a comment with your Twitter handle below or tweet us to let us know you’ll be participating. Also, if you love Amazon and free stuff, then you’re in for a treat because we’re giving away one $25 Amazon voucher (equivalent currency) and a We Love Wipes hamper to another lucky participant who takes part in the chat! 

Bring your friends, bring your family and even bring your pets! Get involved, have fun and chat to some great people across the world.

Etiquette: Try to make sure 2 things - include #WipesChat in your answers and comments to us, this way we can track the conversation and give you credit and recognition for your contribution.

Reference the question / answer number in your answers and comments, e.g. our questions will start Q1, Q2, Q3 and so on, if you can respond starting A1, A2, A3 etc. This way we will know for sure which question or point you are commenting on

Can’t make it? Just type in the hashtag #WipesChat and the chat will be available for you to read it afterwards any moment you like. Hopefully you can make it to our future upcoming chats. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Tue July 26 2016
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Tue July 26 2016
Teachers use wipes for everything! Rsvp
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Mon July 25 2016
Look forward to it X @kirstygreer
Mon July 25 2016
RSVP @WagamonSamantha
Sun July 24 2016
#WipesChat @welovewipes RSVP @OKARO use wipes for everything!
Sun July 24 2016
#WipesChat we use them in the classroom to wipe desks and kids
Fri July 22 2016
I am RSVPing! My twitter handle is @drunknsmilesz
Thu July 21 2016
I use wipes to clean my hands after eating ribs or toast with honey & peanut butter, they sure come in handy...
Wed July 20 2016
Rsvp @joell51868
Tue July 19 2016