Personal Hygiene

Feeling hot and bothered? Nowhere to freshen up? That uncomfortable feeling can be wiped away in an instant. Whether you've had a busy day in the office, enjoyed a long walk or hike through the great outdoors, or you're getting ready for an intimate encounter (no need to blush), there’s a wipe to help you out!


We've got everything you need to know about nonwoven personal hygiene - from wipes case studies to lifestyle advice, We Love Wipes has got it all covered! 

Join Us on 'Ask The Experts Wipeschat' - 23rd April 2014

Posted on Apr 17 2014
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Because we are the experts and we will answer all the questions you want to know. 

We are holding another Ask The Expert session with our team of experts from the We Love Wipes!

  • Chat Topic: Personal Hygiene with Wipes
  • Time: 3.00pm EST / 8.00pm GMT
  • Date : Wednesday 23rd Apr 2014

Let us know you are joining the chat by clicking the button above!

If you have never been involved in one of our chats before check out this handy guide: How to Take Part In Our Twitter Chats.

We recently ran a survey for all of our social media followers to find out about what you liked and disliked about our campaign, and more importantly what you wanted to talk about more.  The results were very interesting indeed and we have listened. 49.83% of you wanted to talk more about personal hygiene, so with this in mind that is the subject of our chat.

Our aim is to deliver the understanding of how and why wipes serve a great purpose to your everyday life and more specifically how they help you with your hygiene. From parents to pet owners, to health and beauty fanatics, we are confident that there is a wipe fit to serve any kind of person not forgetting the environmental aspects and sharing facts on wipes products.

In another recent survey we conducted we found that a lot of you use wipes as a vital part of your exercise regime - did you know for example there are fully body wipes for after exercise? Can you think of a wipe that doesn’t yet exist that you would want to see on the market that would help you hygienically?

If you have any questions or suggestions (no matter how silly or obvious it may seem) that you would like to ask our panel of experts, come join us on our Ask The Expert #Wipeschat on Wednesday 23rd April from 3.00pm EST / 8.00pm GMT.

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