Personal Hygiene

Feeling hot and bothered? Nowhere to freshen up? That uncomfortable feeling can be wiped away in an instant. Whether you've had a busy day in the office, enjoyed a long walk or hike through the great outdoors, or you're getting ready for an intimate encounter (no need to blush), there’s a wipe to help you out!


We've got everything you need to know about nonwoven personal hygiene - from wipes case studies to lifestyle advice, We Love Wipes has got it all covered! 

Keen on clean? Then join our 'Health & Hygiene Community '

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 22 2013
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Are you the queen of clean when it comes to work surfaces?


Have you waged a one man crusade against germs?

Or do you break out in a sweat at the mere mention that the gym’s shower block is undergoing refurbishment, and that you’ll need to be creative in your sanitary requirements?

If you’re squeaky clean when it comes to health and hygiene then we know the perfect place for you to hang out – in the We Love Wipes’ new Health & Hygiene Community.


We’ve launched a community dedicated to all things clean. So if you love busting dirt or dabbing away unsavoury odours, then now’s your chance to become part of this growing community.

Our community is designed to give members an interactive platform for sharing tips, stories and photos about health and hygiene. In addition, we’ll feature news, views, and some fantastic competitions.

Wet wipes are great for keeping of top of health and hygiene – cleaning mucky little fingers, wiping down mucky gadgets and gizmos, and eradicating any potentially embarrassing perspiration moments.

In fact, while we know the wet wipe is to be praised for its enduring versatility, we want to make wet wipes even better and even more convenient in people’s everyday lives. As such, we’re seeking your help through our Health & Hygiene Community.

We’re seeking your views on wet wipes, such as how they could be improved, and what you like and dislike about them. In order to gauge your opinions and ideas, we’ll be asking you to take part in discussions, live video chats and questionnaires.

Your feedback will be passed on to our team of experts who will then use the information to improve wet wipes and to possibly even launch a new product.

So if you’re keen to become the latest member of our community, simply sign up via

your Googlemail, YouTube or Google Plus account. You’ll be on board in one clean swoop!

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