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Life as a new mom

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Sep 16 2013
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Before I gave birth to my baby son, I got lots of passing comments from friends and neighbors - even strangers on the street! 

Telling me how much of a shock I was in for once motherhood descended on me, and how nothing could ever prepare me for it.

I have to admit, I found this pretty annoying - of course I knew my life was about to change, but I'd read lots of books on becoming a parent and I was pretty confident that I knew exactly what to expect once my little bundle of joy arrived into the world.

Well - now my son is 9 weeks old. Let me share with you some of the ways that my life has changed in ways that I really hadn't considered before!

First of all, forward-planning - gone are the days when I could just make plans at the drop of a hat. When friends would call and invite me to do something on the spur of the moment - go to a cookout or go grab a drink somewhere, etc. Now any kind of social event has to be pre-planned at least a week in advance so that I can arrange a babysitter, etc. Of course - I knew about this before I had the baby - that was no big surprise. What I didn't realize was just how much forward planning would have to go into every single outing I now take! 

I can't just grab my purse and head out of the door anymore, oh no! Now I have to make sure that I've packed all kinds of things that baby may possibly need while we're out, even if its only a ten minute trip to the store - you never know when you might need to prepare a bottle or clean his little hands with wipes, etc. So every journey involves a great amount of planning - and a truck load of "necessities" to come along for the ride!

Secondly, I didn't realize how many of life's little luxuries I would need to say goodbye to as a new Mom - of course I knew that sleep would be pretty much a thing of the past, but I didn't realize that I would also be bidding farewell to things such as warm food (babies have a built-in monitor that seems to detect when Mommy & Daddy are about to eat dinner - and this is the exact moment that they will decide to cry/fill their diaper/need feeding, etc), clean hair (taking an hour out of my day to wash and dry my hair used to seem like no big deal, now I have to plan it into my schedule at least 3 days in advance!) and unstained clothes (if your clothes aren't covered in spit-up, they'll be covered in's always one or the other, its pretty much a given.)

And finally, the amount of times during the day that I think about myself is now pretty close to zero. Suddenly life is spent thinking mostly about this tiny little person who needs so much from you, and takes up so much of your time...and it's actually a good thing. 

As chaotic as life as a new Mom is, and as much as all those people were right about nothing truly preparing me for it - I can say for sure that I'm enjoying every single hectic and crazy minute of it! 

Ok so there are no more warm dinners for me for a while, but hey - cold pizza tastes better anyway! And I swear, dry shampoo was invented for new mothers....

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