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Long Haul Travel – where are you heading next?

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Jul 10 2015
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For some people, long haul travelling is a requirement for their jobs and for some people, it is something they enjoy doing when they go exploring the world. 



When you’re travelling a long journey jeans might jeans might not be the best type of clothing to wear. Wearing comfy clothes instead of fancy suit is a good idea because you’re already quite restricted at how often you can move around while onboard. For the ladies, dresses or stretchy-type pants are definitely comfier and for men, shorts or sweatpants will ensure that you’re comfy throughout your long travels.

Refreshing wipes are handy to instantly make you feel a little cleaner and smell better.

Also, your feet can be a problem when you’re travelling long distances, especially when flying. Bringing a fresh pair of slippers with you means you can pop them on at any time, and walk around in comfort during your travels and then easily pop them back into your suitcase/hand luggage when you’ve arrived at your destination. Being comfortable certainly doesn’t require too much effort, but little things can certainly make your long haul travelling a little better. 

Check out our tips for long haul travelling:

On a plane: 

Pack moisturizer in your handbag or hand luggage - the air conditioner on a plane can dry your skin out, so makes sure you take moisturizers for your hands and your face too. Remember to pack all liquids to a transparent plastic bag so you’ll get through security checks without any extra problems! 

Wipes - Planes can be really germy , take hand wipes and give your hands a wipe before eating anything. It can also be a nice refresh to take face wipes if you have been sitting a while or sleeping it can be a good wake up and freshen up. 

Don’t forget some entertainment - Pack a few choices, like a book, your laptop, and if there’s a group of you, even take a pack of cards or travel board game. 

On a train: 

Take earplugs - Overnight trains are loud and sleeping on the train can be a challenge, especially if you are in a bunk with strangers (who snore!). 

Keep all valuables on you at all times - as we said you can be in a room with anyone (unless you have upgraded to a private room or travel with your friends). Take a money belt and sleep wearing it with your phone, wallet, passport and tickets in it. 

Pack light - there’s not much space to put your case, and you are going to have to lug it around with you most of the time, unlike when you’re flying and it goes in a hold. 

 On a coach: 

Snacks - it’s always best to carry snacks with you as you have set stops and you might get hungry in between. Take also some wipes for cleaning your hands.

Travel sickness pills - even if you have never suffered with travel sickness before, 3 days on a coach can bring it out in anyone. Plus if you bring spares it’s easy to share if someone else forgets them.

Take your pillow - take a full sized pillow so you are really comfortable while on the coach.

In a car: 

Road trip tunes - when driving long haul take enough music to keep you entertained while you are in the car for hours.

Take a friend - Having more than one driver is essential when road tripping, if anything happens or your tired or not feeling well then having someone else who can drive for a bit is always useful. 

Take wipes - A road trip can mean eating junk food in the car, and it’s always best to wipe your hands off again before driving so that you are not smearing sauce on the steering wheel or GPS.  

Wherever you are heading next, be adventurous - make friends with fellow travellers and be up for plans to change. Also, always carry a mini first aid kit with some basic essentials with you just in case. Drink plenty of water regularly - even if you want to avoid the toilets, it’s better to be hydrated and use the communal loos than to get ill from not drinking enough! 

 Have lots of fun on your exciting adventure! 


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