Love Your Pet Day

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: Sibu | Syrian Hamster Living in Finland on Feb 20 2015
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Hi all, my name is Sibu. I’m a Syrian hamster and have lived with my hostess for 1.5 years. In hamster years I’m middle-aged, but I still behave like a teenager.

I live in a large cage which is padded with a thick layer of wood chips. My cage is furnished with my sleeping hut and cardboard boxes that I chew to pieces to find the treats my hostess has hidden. I also love to nibble my chalk stones to crumbs and cover my food tray with white powder.

I have also another favorite hobby and that is to make noise by chewing the roof grid while I’m hanging with all my four paws from the roof of my cage. I sometimes get complaints about this from my folks, because as a nocturnal animal my most active hours are around midnight. When the lady of the house comes to give me the speech I just sit, stare at her and try to look as cute as possible. However I doubt she doesn’t believe it wasn’t me making the noise…

I’m a pretty organized gal: I hide all my snacks and food in one corner, pee in the other corner and the most precious goods I stuff in my cheek pouches and carry them to my hut. I also re-design my cage every now and then by pushing all wood chips to one end of the cage and also filling my hut so that I hardly get in there myself.

There’s one thing I don’t like in my hostess: every three days she comes and steals all my good stuff from the cottage, takes away most of my wood chips, and also cleans my peeing corner with some white stuff called wipes. But I forgive her because she gives me fresh wood chips I can puff and quite often there’s also a hidden treat which I just need to find by digging down.

Except for the cleaning stuff my life is pretty good. I get fresh water and food every day, have always some dry food and things to nibble. I also get to run on the floors, which really makes me feel like Speedy Gonzales.

Did you know today is “Love Your Pet Day”? It’s an annual tradition and if your folks don’t know about this ask them to read this to get some inspiration for tonight.

I know my hostess knows about this special day and I’m expecting a long run on the floor, some extra pampering and several treats tonight.

Be loved!


Sibu the Hamster

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