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Mad Hatter Day: Have I gone mad?

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Oct 4 2016
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It’s time to go entirely bonkers, because let’s be honest - all the best people are! 


October 6th is the day to act a little silly and celebrate the silliness within us. The Mad Hatter, or The Hatter as it’s normally known as, is a character from the Alice in Wonderland books by author Lewis Carroll. The story is known to be a little crazy and wacky but who doesn’t love having tea parties with their friends? If anything, this is a great opportunity to catch up with your friends for some tea, with a twist and celebrate your “non-birthday”. We have gathered a few tips to get you going with the planning, because there is no limit of how mad you could go with this. 

The invite: You are cordially invited to…
A Facebook invite goes a long way (and saves so much time), but why not do it properly? Use your imagination and design an invite worthy for a king or queen. Think queen of hearts, white rabbits, playing cards, hats and gothic looking wavy letters. Play around with colours, different fonts and sizes to make it as wacky as possible. Make sure you let them know where they need to go to follow the white rabbit to, day and time, and whether or not there is a dress code. There is plenty of inspiration online if you get stuck – try Pinterest for a little inspiration.

The table: It doesn’t need to make sense!
This is probably the most important part about the whole party. The decorations should be colourful and random and a mismatch – very much in line with the stories. A good tip is to choose a few colours and set a colour theme to avoid it becoming a visual mess and make it look more like an organised chaos. If you don’t want too much fuss or clean up after the party, opt for disposable tablecloths, which you can easily get from the supermarket. These make easy clean-ups and they’re relatively inexpensive. Next you need to put together the chairs, teacups and plates in different colours and sizes to make it as surreal as possible. Use a couple of different table cloths and layer them across each other and scatter over hearts, playing cards and flowers. Get stick on googly eyes and put them on the decorations to make them look like they’re ‘alive’. Think unexpected and mad – the crazier, the better!

The food: ‘eat me’.
The ‘traditional’ afternoon tea is a must here. Try to find a good mix between sweet and savoury, because let’s face it, there is only a certain amount of cake we can eat. Make some small finger sandwiches with traditional fillings such as cucumber, smoked salmon, tuna and egg. You can also make some miniature quiches or other small finger foods to make it more of a meal. For the sweet treats make your favourite cakes and cupcakes with Alice in Wonderland themed décor. If you are unsure what to make, a victoria sponge is always a winner. Make some ‘eat me’ tags to add some mystique and to stay true to the books. Since the food will mainly be finger type foods, it’s best to keep some small packet of hand wipes around, so your guests can quickly wipe their hands down before and after their finger-snacking. 

The drink: Don’t you care for tea?
TEA! There are hundreds of different kinds of tea on the market. Gather together a few different types of flavours that you and your guests might like, both in teabag and loose-leaf form in fruity and herbal flavours. Make sure you have enough pots and strainers for everyone and a place to put the used teabags afterwards. You could also put out some water and juice in jugs of different sizes and decorate with some ‘drink me’ labels, if you have guests that aren’t huge tea lovers. Tea spillages can stain when they’ve dried up, but some disposable serviettes will help clean this up. But if there are some dried up tea stains, surface wipes will do the trick to clean them up and sanitize the area at the same time.

By the end of your tea party, it’s doomed to be a crazy mess, so make sure you make use of the wet wipes to quickly wipe up any messes during and after your tea party. But don’t worry about the mess too much, since you’re there to have a good time.

Do you have any creative and clever tips for a tea party? Share it with us on twitter! @WeLoveWipes 


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