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Male Grooming - What Wipes Are Available?

Avatar_Elisabeth.jpg Posted by: Elisabeth Swennenhuis on Feb 29 2016
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Demand for male wipe products grows in the market...

Girls are used to a little indulging with beauty products every now and then, but guys are also starting to give it a second look rather than rolling their eyes when it comes to grooming.  In the world of business meetings, social media and a focus on presentation, clear skin and vibrant eyes are becoming ever important. Male grooming is nothing new, but changes in acceptance and new nonwovens products are making it more present for more men.  

If you haven’t noticed already, the men’s market for intimate and skincare products will become even more familiar due to the changes in attitudes and the societal acceptance of men taking more care of their looks, without stigma. Wipes have become the easier and compact option not just for hygiene and grooming, but also for the comfort of quickness and traveling from location to location. For travelling use, shaving and aftershave wipes have proven popular and practical for travelling men to purchase and use to avoid the liquid risk through security checks at airports. 

Another trendy product for men to use is deodorant wipes for the ease and convenience of travelling, but also because similar products on the markets have only been targeted towards women. As well, another ‘manly’ wipe has recently joined the wipes market – beard wipes – which are described as a ‘mobile beard bath’ made with special oils to clean and condition beard hair. Aloe in the wipes will also help nurture the irritation on the skin, especially for new beard growers.

When it comes to dark under-eye circles, men are typically the ones that suffer the most, therefore disposable masks developed for men are not typically full-facial masks but rather just under-eye masks. The male market is still developing in Europe and America, but there is still a lot of market research to uncover to fully know and appreciate exactly what men want and need to improve their overall personal care.

The development and creation of wipes and sheet masks for the male market is a process that is continuously tested and re-developed. Another technical factor considered in the development of sheet masks and wipes is the strength and elasticity of the material; therefore it needs to be a reasonable balance of both since you wouldn’t want to use a product that’s not fit for purpose.

For anyone, especially men, accessibility and ease to go about your daily life would be quite important and preferable; therefore creating wipe products that appeal to specific needs would benefit people in more ways than one. It would be easier to carry, to use, and to dispose of, and these would be the physical factors to consider from a consumer perspective.

Lately, men are not afraid to purchase products that help make life more convenient when going about their daily life. We Love Wipes offer a lot of helpful advice for men when travelling, and for their overall hygiene lifestyle – see more at

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