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Maxine E.jpg Posted by: Maxine Emmett on Jul 17 2013
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 LOVE wipes – in fact, I couldn’t live without them. 

Cleaning the house, removing make-up, sticky kids hands and muddy paw prints  - give me a wipe and I’m one happy girl.

But there’s more to the wipe than a time and effort saving piece of genius. For me, it’s something that lets me have more of a life.

You see I have a disability that means I have limited use of my hands as well as living in severe pain. To have to scrub things clean would be way too hard for me and so the simple way to do things is an essential.

Take removing my make-up. I’ll be honest and say that I like to look my best. I often look quite pale so a bit of colour added to my face means I look a bit better than I’m feeling. It’s a confidence thing, but also it’s just me. But as much as I love wearing make-up, I hate taking it off, and mascara especially is a tough cookie to remove. I struggle to open bottles of cleanser and use fiddly bits of cotton ball so a make-up remover wipe is just the best invention. Open the packet, take out a wipe and in an instant my skin is make-up free and refreshed. Amazing – I absolutely love my make-up removing wipes!

And much as I like a clean face, I also love a clean home. But too much elbow grease is a no-no for me, and can mean my pain gets so bad that I have to take to my bed. But I’m a wife and a Mom, and I want to help keep my home a home. So I grab a cleaning wipe to help me on my grime-ridding journey. Cleaning fluids lids are rightly child proof and that means I can’t get them off, so a wipe with the cleaning agent on is a big bonus for me. Even if I have to use a cleaning fluid and put it on a wipe, the light feel and texture of the wipe is so much easier in my hand as I can feel where I am using it. Ditch the cloth and scourer, and embrace the cleaning wipe.

Dogs – we love them. Nearly 40% of households have a dog, being approximately 43 million households, and a whopping 70 million animals. But as much as we love them, they have a habit of bringing in the mud, and dare we say it, they do get kind of stinky! I can’t wash our dog, but it’s also a well-known fact that it’s not good for them and can remove the goodness from their coats. So when I come in from the rain with a muddy dog, I grab a wipe and make my contribution to a clean and odor free pet. I can do it on my own and don’t need to ask for help and that’s a biggie for me.

So I don’t just LOVE wipes – they’re little life savers!

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