New kind of therapy for my aching muscles

marika_1.jpg Posted by: Marika Mäkilä on Nov 10 2014
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I am a typical office worker. I spend most of my days sitting by the computer. Studies have shown that constant sitting is very damaging to your health.

I am fully aware that I should take small breaks during my workday to release some of that muscle tension. But is hard to remember to get up once in a while.

As a result of my behavior, I sometimes suffer from neck and shoulder pain, especially if I have neglected my weekly workout routines. To relieve this, I usually take over-the-counter pain relievers such as aspirin and ibuprofen and theywill usually ease the pain and reduce inflammation. But sometimes I can´t take medication due to either an upset stomach or if I just don´t feel like taking them.   

A friend of mine recommended a new kind of pain relief product for me to try, such as medicated patches or to try heat therapy or cold packs. Interesting I initially thought, I didn´t really consider what is actually available in the market today, so I decided to go shopping and test some of them at the office while working.

I was really surprised at how many different products I found. There are products not just for neck and shoulder pain but also relief of back, joint and muscle pains, arthritic, even targeted relief for menstrual discomfort and cramps, and products to stimulate blood circulation in general. There are many different kind of disposable pads and patches with different sizes and shapes which I could also wear at work, neither having electric wires hanging around me like in case of using electric heating pads, nor worries about gels messing my clothes.  

I decided to start with pain relief patches. I found various types from cooling tiger balm to traditional pain relief brands and bought some for testing. Some of the products had a very strong scent, like mint or menthol. The materials were also very different. The nicest ones were very thin, soft, silky, and flexible and stretchable as well as having a gentle adhesive.

I chose one with a menthol scent and tested it at the office. At first I didn´t feel anything, just a very strong scent…strong enough to fill the office. Then gradually I felt my skin tingling, hot or cold - I don´t really know, but after a moment I felt like my muscles relaxing and my blood circulation activating. So the patch did what it was supposed to do. The scent was definitely a disadvantage; I work in an open office, and got some comments on a grandma-type of perfume. So I’d recommend this product to be used at home instead of the office. I also need to mention that the material was very stretchable and soft, and also thin enough to be not noticeable under my clothes. I also liked adaptable “skin color” of the patch as it blended well with my skin tone.


I then wanted to test heat relief products and bought some that had the most interesting packaging. I was amazed when I opened the first one. The product looked like a bag filled with small rocks; very hard and thick with uneven glue surface. The material felt very stiff and plastic-like, I didn´t even want to test it. 

The next product looked very interesting, it actually looked like a panty liner. It was already much softer and thinner than the first one. I decided to go ahead and test it anyways.

I needed some help to place it on but it actually felt quite nice.  It could have been more stretchable to enable movement without even noticing it, but still it eventually got really comfortable and wearable. Gradually it started to become warm, a pleasant calming heat – an absolutely excellent experience!

I wore the heating wrap until the late evening. It stayed warm the whole time. This is something that I could also use in the future for sore muscles surely, but I don’t see why you couldn’t also use this in the winter as a warmer and relaxation.

Both convenient and perfect for yourself!

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