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Do you want to keep your car looking brand new and your hobby equipment in tip-top shape? There are wipes for every purpose - from cleaning your car's dashboard and windows, to tidying up your golf clubs and yoga mats. There are even wipes for drying the dog after a wet and muddy walk! Learn how using wipes can revolutionise your life.


Now’s the paw-fect time to join our new 'Pets Community'

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 22 2013
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 We all love our pets. But let’s face it – they can be mucky little pups.

Dirty paw prints on white duvets, whiskers on work surfaces, and sawdust on the floor. Our beloved pets just don’t understand a human’s desire to keep clean and tidy.

So in celebration of our loyal companions, and their total disregard for cleanliness, We Love Wipes has em-barked on a new group for owners, called Pets Community.


This growing community will give pet owners the opportunity to meet online, to chat and share stories and advice about their best pals.

From pooch to parrot, feline to ferret, this interactive community will be packed with news, top tips, pictures and competitions of the animal variety.

Pet owners rely on trusty wet wipes for all kinds of uses; from wiping up feeding time spills and cleaning work surfaces, to the more delicate matter of cleaning up poop in the park.   

At We Love Wipes we appreciate the importance of having a good quality wipe to hand on such occasions. But we think there’s still room for improvement; which is why we want to make wet wipes even better!

We need your help to do this, which is why our Pet Community features a range of interactive ways, such as web ‘hangouts’ and questionnaires, to share your thoughts and suggestions with us: such as what you like and dislike about wipes, and if anything can be improved.

Your feedback is important to us; and we’ll take this to our experts, who will use the information to improve the product. Your opinions may even result in the launch of a brand new product.

So why not take the lead – so to speak – and join our community today? Simply sign up through your Googlemail, YouTube, or Google Plus account.

It’s a walk in the park!

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