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Out with the old, in with the New Year!

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Jan 3 2017
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New Year is here. The perfect time to have a massive clear out!

New Year is a new start for all of us, so even if you don’t have the tidying bug the minute the clock hits midnight this is still a great opportunity to get out the garbage bags and start cleaning your home, car and workspace!

The post-Christmas clutter means it may be a struggle to find space for all those gifts, so get started by clearing out drawers or boxes you have. Go through all items and determine if you have used it in the last year, or if you are going to use it at any point in the next year. Once you have emptied the drawer, you can give it a good clean with anti-bacterial wipe.

There are probably a lot of clothes in there that didn’t make their way out of the closet at any point in 2016, so it’s time to tackle the wardrobe. Empty everything out from your closet before you begin and then start to put items back. When you come across something ask yourself honestly whether you’ll wear it. If the answer is no and it’s in good condition, then donate it to charity.

It is also a good idea to go through other places in your house where you might hoard things you don’t need. Check your bathroom for half-used products and either decide to finish them or dispose of them. You can also go through old books and magazines that you didn’t enjoy reading or don’t plan to read again. Much like clothes, books in good condition can also be donated to charity.

Once you’ve tackled the home it’s time to take on the car. Cars can become a muddy dumping ground, especially if you have kids or pets. Get a garbage bag and start throwing away food wrappers, empty bottles and any rubbish that might be hidden in your vehicle. When the rubbish is out you can then hoover mud off the floor and crumbs out of the seat before finishing off by wiping down your dashboard and steering wheel with a car interior wipe!

When you get back to work in the New Year, consider giving your office workspace a quick clean before you start on all those emails. Go through your drawers, emptying it of food packets and scrap paper. Once your desk and drawers are clear of clutter, get a wipe and give them a clean. Grab a pack of screen wipes and give your computer a clean, remembering not to use antibacterial wipes or baby wipes when cleaning your screen. This can lead to smudges and make your screen look worse than it did before you started!

Do you have any New Year cleaning tips you would like to share? Get in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook!

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