Pampering your pet!

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Feb 27 2014
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During last night’s #WipesChat we were talking about pampering and beauty regimes, when the subject of 'pet pampering' came up, and it piqued our interest.

Our pets make us feel special every day with their playful natures, unconditional love and unwavering loyalty, so it only makes sense to show them a little gratitude every now and then.

Delicious Treats

It’s now easier than ever to make your pets healthy, delicious homemade treats without spending a lot of money on ingredients. For dogs, plain cooked, boneless chicken breast, prepared without seasoning or oil, is a simple and healthy snack, while ice cubes made from chicken or beef broth is a refreshing treat on a hot day. For cats, make catnip biscuits by combining flour, catnip and a few other ingredients. Or, drain the liquid from a can of tuna into a bowl for a simple pick-me-up.

Toy Story

Take an inventory of your pet’s toys. If you see a lot of beat up, worn-out toys, it may be time to upgrade. While Fido may adore his 5-year-old squeaky porcupine, chances are he’ll also love accompanying you to your local pet store and picking out a few new ones. And if your cat has managed to knock every catnip mouse into the unreachable nooks and crannies of your apartment, he or she would probably appreciate a restock.

Spa Retreat

It’s no secret that your pets need to be cleaned regularly, especially if they play a lot outdoors, but why not make bath time for your pup more like a day at the spa? Help your dog massage and relax before a bath by giving him a massage. If your pup has longer hair, spray a detangling product and let it sit before brushing. After washing, dry your dog with a soft, fluffy towel. If your dog really just doesn’t enjoy bathing you can use specifically made pet wipes, or you don’t have the space for it, take him or her to a pet salon for a bath and brushing as well as other perks like treats and social interaction.

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I'm all for pampering my beautiful cat Mylo
Sat May 3 2014