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Personal Hygiene on a Student Budget

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Oct 19 2016
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Best not skip out on the necessities, for your own good and the people around you. 


Being a student can sometimes mean you will find yourself a little short on cash, and you need to learn to budget. Moving away from home to study can be a frustrating and hectic process for some, and it can be difficult to balance your spending with so many temptations. Living away from home means that you have to buy all the things you took for granted yourself, which can be stressful when you realise you have to purchase the essentials to live. To make student life easier we have gathered some tips for how to save money on personal hygiene products. 

Buy in bulk:
You might not need 5 bottles of soap at the time, but spread out over the year it will save you time and money. Buying in bulk is the best thing to do as a student, as buying a higher quantity usually means saving a lot more money. It might be a bit clumsy carrying 40 toilet rolls back from the shop, but a) you will not run out for a while and b), you saved money doing so. And plus – there’s nothing worse than realising you have no toilet paper just when you need it most! But make sure you are only buying things that won’t go out of date, wet wipes, loo roll and even shampoo can be bought in bulk. Avoid buying skincare, and bod care products that can irritate the skin. 

Buy what’s on offer:
So your usual toothpaste brand is much more expensive than you thought, now that you’re the one who has to buy it in your household. Stores usually run offers and promotions on products – especially for the essentials, and going for what’s on sale is a great way to save money. Although you might have to choose a different brand that what you are used to, you can potentially end up finding a new favourite that works out better for you. 

Get store brand products:
A lot of stores and pharmacies produce their own products equal to your branded favourites. Most times these products are a lot cheaper and do the same job as their branded counterpart. Swapping out some of your essential products with the stores own can save you a lot of money in the long run, without making a big difference. For example nail polish remover, hair heat protector and make-up wipes will be just as effective off-brand. 

If you’re lucky enough to have hypermarkets / superstores in your area, then this is also a good place for you to bulk-buy your items.

Get yourself store point cards:
You will find that as a student, you end up with many club- and discount cards. Remember to get one for the store where you usually shop for hygiene products and you could save even more money, by building up your points. Many stores give you extra discounts and offers for loyalty card holders. 

Remember to always compare prices in different stores if possible. Spending a little extra time doing your shopping can mean a lot for your wallet.

What is your best tip for personal hygiene on a budget? Tell us on Twitter! @WeLoveWipes


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