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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Jul 10 2013
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What do you pack to a music festival? We make the comparisons between male and female.

Another Glastonbury has been and passed signalling the start of festival season, as people are packing up their tents and clearing their hangover, you can negate some of your Glasto-envy by looking at the cost of such an event.  According to a report by Glastonbury goers spend around £200 each on festival essentials.  Men and women pack differently as you would expect women focussing mostly on wet wipes and wellies, where alcohol and fancy dress is higher on the agenda for men.

  • Women focus on buying toiletries, men on drinking games
  • Men pack to have a good time whereas women pack ‘to be comfortable’
  • 61 % of women pack for comfort
  • 58% of men pack for “a good time”

On average pre-festival spend comes to nearly £500 (tickets £210).  This includes tents and sleeping bags but to add to this girls grab wet wipes, loo roll, wellies, anti-bacterial hand gel all in attempt to stay fresh during a few days without home comforts, with only 1 shower for every 567 people it is no surprise!

Top of the male agenda are drinking games, outdoor games such as footballs, paracetamol and water.


1     Wet wipes     72%

2     Dry shampoo  58%

3     Wellington boots   55%

4     Antibacterial hand gel 53%

5     Toilet roll   51%

6     Perfume   47%

7     Umbrella    41%

8     A mirror   38%

9     Sun lotion    36%

10   Waterproofs/poncho    35%


1     Alcohol    61%

2     Funny fancy dress   53%

3     Snacks   51%

4     Protection   47%

5     Drinking games    45%

6     Outdoor games  42%

7     Paracetamol  39%

8     Water    38%

9     Wellington boots    37%

10   Wet wipes   35%

Sales across Waitrose's 16 stores at Welcome Break motorway service stations in the final week of June were up 22% compared with last year. Hygiene was near the top of revellers' priorities: sales of dry shampoo were up 30% and travel-size toiletries 84%, while demand for antibacterial handwipes rocketed by 262%. (source:

Last week we shared with you the We Love Wipes Need-to-know-guide to Festivals, including some top tips on cleanliness. Don't forget to check it out if you missed it!


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