Preparing for the arrival of my surprise baby!

Lara Johnson.jpg Posted by: Lara Johnson on May 7 2013
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When I found out that I was pregnant with my third child, it was something of a surprise.

My older kids were 11 and 8.  I had already given away all of my baby things -- the crib, changing table, clothes, everything.  I was done with diapers, car seats, even booster seats.

We were very excited after the initial shock, but it meant stocking up on all the things you need for a baby, just as I had done with my first child.  Little by little we began pulling everything together.  Instead of a cradle or bassinet, I had a mini-crib that my grandfather had made for his children. My best friend’s dad was storing the changing table for her, but she sent it back to me since she wasn’t using it just yet.

The crib, pram, car-seat and more came from the shower my mother-in-law gave me and from trips to various stores in my area.

Two things I already knew we needed to stockpile were diapers and wipes.  I knew from my first two that you can never have enough of either, and you always use them up.  The wipes actually came in handy even before the baby was born.  A few of the things we purchased were from second-hand shops, and I would use the wipes to clean them up. They also were good for getting the dust off of the things that were coming from attics.  Using wipes, I could get into even the smallest crevices to be sure everything was clean.

And, of course, once our daughter was born, if there was one thing I couldn’t do without it was wipes.  Between diaper changes, spills, sticky fingers (and toes, and mouth) they were always my go-to product.

Now my “baby” is 5.  We still keep wipes on hand even though she’s outgrown all of the other baby things.  She even takes one in the bath sometimes to help wash her dolls because she likes how soft they are.  And she still comes home with sticky fingers, mouth, and anything else a child can possibly get dirty, on a regular basis, especially during gardening season.  Fast cleanups are always in order!

Being a mom is terrific, no matter how messy it gets.  I'm glad I had one more chance to enjoy another little one.  My kids liked when I was pregnant.  They liked watching the baby move around.  And they liked seeing a new baby.  They'd never been around them much.  They were close in age, and most of our friends had their children around the same time, so while they had plenty of friends to grow up with, babies weren't really in the picture.  Having a new little person that they could watch and hold and help grow was a whole new experience for them both.  Both had me bring her into school so they could show her to their friends and teachers.

While I can't say they are always that excited to have a little sister now—she does all of the things pesky little sisters do—they still enjoy watching her grow.  She's just learned to read by herself, and that has been a lot of fun for the older two.  Now she can read them books instead of them always reading to her. 

So there you have it.  A story of kids, babies, making messes and cleaning them up.  My life.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Just make sure I don't run out of wipes!

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