Quick spring cleaning tips (prior to a house viewing)

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes on Mar 14 2014
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It’s that time of year again, now that winter has passed it’s the right time to put your house on the market in hopes that it will be snapped up before Summer arrives!

The best part about putting your house on the market is seeing various photographs of your house on your estate agent’s website and thinking to yourself “I wish my house looked like this ALL the time!”

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Let’s be honest, you’ve never seen your house as tidy or as clean until you’ve decided to let it go. But the maintenance to keep it up can be hard work especially when you work full time and then you just happen to remember that you have a house viewing an hour after you finish work and the house in those photographs is barely resembling the current state it is in now.

But fear not, you’ll be surprised how quick you can do something under serious amounts of pressure. As soon as you get through that front door, kick those shoes off and grab a wipe!

Living Room:

As the focal point of the house, this is probably going to be the first room your viewers are going to go into - so make the first impression good! This room becomes the stray for magazines, books, video games and remote controls. Pile the magazines up in a neat pile or scatter them out in a neat manner, place the remote controls by the TV and store anything else tidily under the table. Finally, grab a wipe and wipe down any flat surface areas (if you have scented wipes this is even better, double your efforts by scenting the room at the same time). As a final touch get some fresh flowers and place them on the table.


As a temporary measure, a quick wipe down will suffice in this room because they’ll more than likely not be in this room for more than 5 minutes. So grab as many bathroom cleaning wipes you need and quickly wipe down your sink, tiles and toilet - these are the main parts they’ll probably be looking at. Always remember to also clean mirror and window with mirror and glass cleaning wipes, streak free! You shouldn’t be spending too long in this room, it should be kept clean at all times anyways - oh and don’t forget to throw some bleach/toilet wash down the toilet and flush!


Okay - so chances are, they’ll probably not look inside your wardrobe so any scattered clothing / make-up / shoes / random objects can be thrown in here for the time being. Wardrobes are easy to determine what types they are, as in, if they are sliding doors or regular open/close doors so there is no reason for your viewers to look inside. If you forgot to make your bed in the morning, quickly grab the corners of the duvet from one side, fluff it out and gently lay.

Dining Room:

Since the dining room is often the least-used room in the house, it tends to collect the most dust and clutter. If you have a micro-fibre dust cloth handy, clean any signs of dust then go over again with a wipe just to spruce up shine. Also, remember to dust from the top starting from the ceiling light, to the bottom because of the constant falling of dust, it would be like shovelling snow when it’s still snowing!


At least for a viewing, you don’t need to worry about the microscopic germs that are lingering around in your kitchen (Check out our Kitchen Hygiene Blog to see how many germs are actually lingering in that kitchen of yours!). A quick wipe down on all your counters, cupboard doors and tops and tables will easily clean up any food and coffee stains from the morning’s breakfast chaos. What you need to worry about are the dirty dishes that were left out in the morning but you’ll probably not have time to clean them all so quickly fill up your kitchen sink and squeeze in a lot of washing up liquid to create a lot of bubbles. Throw all your dirty dishes in their so it gives the impression that you are technically a ‘clean’ person all the time…but you’re really not.

So there you have it, 5 quick tips to quickly spruce up your home before your viewers arrive. Don’t worry too much about viewers quickly forming opinions about your house, it’s probably the only situation where being opinionated is acceptable especially when they could be a potential buyer. 9/10 your house isn’t going to look EXACTLY like what it does on the photographs so put on a plucky smile and hope that your house is exactly what your viewers are looking for.

Image Credit: Roary2

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If you have an overflowing laundry basket, chuck some of the clothes inside a tumble drier or washing machine to get them out the way...just remember to empty them after the viewing is over.
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