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There’s a lot of interesting work undertaken before you can buy a pack of wipes. Nonwoven material has to be manufactured, optimal lotion for the wipe has to be selected, and then the wipes have to be packaged before being distributed to shops and stores. Find out more about these processes in our articles below.


Radio-Decontamination Wipes - They Really Do Exist!

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Jun 3 2015
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Don’t get these mixed up with your regular facial cleansing wipe! Perhaps you’ve never heard of these kinds of wipes, but we promise you – they really do exist! 

Those intelligent scientists in India developed a wipe that is meant to clean off radioactive material from the body during a nuclear disaster. These special wipes were developed by DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, and claim that the decontamination wipe can remove over 95% of the contamination.

Radio-decontamination wipes come in various sizes and are extremely easy to use and dispose of. The scientists claim that these decontamination wipes will be useful for those that work in nuclear plants and for those that also live around them. For unfortunate nuclear disasters, such as the catastrophe in Fukushima in Japan, these wipes will also come in handy if and when nuclear disasters strike.

The usual practise of decontaminating with soap and water is thought to only remove most of the external contaminants but the accidental release of a number of radioisotopes in the environment could potentially contaminate water, too. The decontamination wipe has specially been designed for immediate application after the release of the contaminant. 

More information: Resources / Deccan Herald

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