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Reasons we love cats!

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Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Oct 24 2016
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29th October is Cat Day, we would like to share all the reasons we love our furry, messy friends. 

As any cat owner will know, cats do what they want. It isn’t surprising to see them come home a little dirty after wandering around random places. However cats also hate water, so there is only one way to get them clean - fur wipes. Some cats will even try to claw you when you try to wash them, so keep the wipes handy to clean their paws before they trace little paw prints through the house. 

If you have house cats which don’t go out and get themselves covered in mud, you still have a litter box to clean out. When emptying your pets litter box, it is important to make sure you are either wearing gloves, or you wash your hands straight after cleaning it. You should clean out their litter box on a regular occurrence. 

Even after cleaning up muddy paw prints, and emptying litter boxes we still love our cats… 

When they get themselves stuck in silly places… 

and sit in weird positions. 

When they spill things on your carpet. Get some stain remover wipes at the ready! (Source

We even love them when they attack all your possessions! (Source

At the end of the day, your furry friends are still amazing, and who can stay mad at their cute little face! Happy Cat Day, make sure to celebrate your cat with a new toy. 


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