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SMILE! – It’s Photography Day

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 15 2016
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We all have a relationship with photography, whether you are a professional photographer, a tourist snapper or simply love an innocent selfie.



Capturing photographs are essential to maintain cherished memories, as well as it being a fun past time. 

The key to a good photograph is a decent camera, and minimising the potential of any damages or scratches to it. Here are some essential tips you can do to make sure your camera is maintained and protected: 

Get a camera bag
Storing your camera correctly is vital to its longevity, and the bag is an essential for any camera owner. The bag protects it from any damage, heat or water damage. It often comes with extra pockets where you can keep all your equipment such as chargers and memory cards, too. Having a bag makes it easier to transport your camera without damaging it on the way.

Strap it up
The strap is an important and helpful part of a camera. Unless your camera came with one, getting a strap is a good idea to make sure it’s protected, and by your side at all times. Besides this, it also works as a safety net for your camera. If you are unlucky and drop it, the strap will catch it and save it from plummeting down to the ground, or taking a unintentional plunge in the water. 

Put a filter on
If you have a camera where you can take the lens off, you know how important it is to use a lens cap to avoid scratches. However, you can also protect your lens if you buy a filter, because it is cheaper to replace a filter than it is to replace a lens. You can get lots of different filters with different effects and functions, so do some research and find one you like, that might change things up a little.

Turn off your camera
Before you do anything with your camera; make sure it is turned off when not in use. The same way as you would turn your computer off before removing the battery, the same should be done to your camera. This also goes when you are taking the memory card out, swapping the lens or removing/attaching cables. This will lower the chances of any technical damages made to the camera. 

Last but not least, invest in LENS WIPES!
The same way as you would clean your glasses, your lens need a clean too. Keep some wipes handy in your camera bag in case any grease or dirt gets on your lens. There is nothing worse than taking a l picturesque photograph of a special occasion, and then when you go back to view it / print the photo out, and realise it has been ruined by a smudge / dirt mark. Make use of doing a regular lens clean to guarantee the best high spec photographs every time.

Now you are ready to get out there and snap some photos. Feel free to share your best camera tips with us, or send us your best snap on Twitter at @welovewipes.

Happy Photography Day on the 19th August! 


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