Sneezy Mascara – did it happen to you too?

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Sep 8 2014
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Oh and speaking of mascara, every time you start coating your lashes, do you start getting a tingly sensation in your nose?

A sort of tingle that is uncontrollable and no matter how hard you try to avoid it, it’s one of the most violent unexpected sneezes to occur at the worst time. And before you know it, you’re left with black stains all around your eyes that kind of resemble a panda. Not a good look at all.

So why does this happen every single time you put mascara on?

We don’t think there is a proven scientific explanation but we did the research and some people say that when you’re brushing you’re lashes, you’re actually stimulating your ‘ophthalmic’ nerve, which is connected to your nose as a branch of your ‘trigeminal’ nerve, and links basically to your eyelids and brows to your nose. So for those that aren’t familiar with the human anatomy, basically, you have all these nerves on your face that are connected with each other which trigger reactions. Some people are more sensitive than others so it’s hard to really determine if and when you’ll be sporting a new panda look in the morning.

Unfortunately for all those that can’t live without mascara, there’s no real helpful way to avoid it. However, some people find that pressing fairly hard on your upper lip, as close to your nose as possible, with your index fingers sideways will prevent a sneeze from occurring. Whether this is enough to prevent any mascara smudges around your eyes will depend on your own tactics.

But for those that are super sensitive and just simply can’t avoid those sneezes then make sure you have those wipes ready. We know one sheet of wipe might seem a bit excessive but you could always cut a small section of a wipe from the pack and carefully run the small piece under your eyes. Make sure you don’t press on too hard, just firm enough to remove any visible mascara stains otherwise you’ll ruin the risk of removing all that hard work of applying foundation, concealer and eyeshadow. And nobody has time to reapply all that in the morning.

See this happening on this video!

Let us know if you’re all too familiar with this scenario and your tricks to prevent the sneeze/post-sneezy clean up.

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