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Sports event survival kit!

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Jun 12 2017
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Attending a sporting event is an exciting occasion and for some they can be an all-day affair, often spending a long time on your feet in the sweltering sun.

But before you next rush out your door, take a look at this checklist of essential items that will make you more comfortable at these events:

Water: Water can be expensive from the event concessions, with prices no one wants to pay. So to save on the cash bring your own. Be aware, some places may not allow you to bring your own drinks in so always check prior to the event.

Snacks: Just like water snacks can be expensive, so avoid paying sky high prices by bringing your own. If you are there for most of the day, these are essential to keep your energy up. Again you will have to check prior the event as to whether you can bring these in.

Hand sanitiser wipes: Sometimes the toilet soap (if you’re lucky to even find some) doesn’t quite cut it. Additionally, with all the snacking throughout the day these are ideal for cleaning sticky hands.

Plastic bags: Having to leave your seat and find a bin can be inconvenient, so you may just decide to put all your rubbish back in your bag until you pass one but that can quickly become a pain. Plastic bags are ideal for this situation, and zip-lock bags also seal securely so you don’t have to worry about your entire bag smelling of garbage.

Headwear: A cap will give you some shade and it can also protect you against the small rain

Sun cream: If you are going to an open air or outdoor event, sunburn will definitely put a dampener on things. Pack sun cream and make sure to lather up frequently to avoid the harsh rays.

Seat cushion: For more comfortable seating a foldable foam cushion is handy to have. And if you’re planning to stay until the evening a space blanket might be a good idea. It takes only a little space and keeps you warm during the cool evening hours.

Money: Money is a necessary item for any sporting event due to some concession stands only accepting this payment. For ease, it is best to bring this along with you as you do not want to make the mistake of having to stand in the longest lines possible for the ATM, missing the event you’ve come to watch.

Portable charger: There’s nothing worse than running out of juice on the go, especially if you’re taking and sharing lots of photos and video. To avoid this pop a portable charger in your bag, which will give your phone a boost of energy when it needs it most.

Insect repellent: Depending where the event is, bug repellent may be one of the first things you pack. To save you from having to carrying around bottles of the stuff you can always grab some insect repellent wipes. A quick brush over with these and you shall be bite free.

All these items can easily fit into a bag and leave plenty of space for any souvenirs you pick up on the day. Have fun!

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we use wipes on a daily basis
Mon June 26 2017
Fri June 23 2017
Wipes are certainly handy
Wed June 21 2017
Good tips on saving money, and keeping the family safe from the sun, and bugs!CALLE
Tue June 20 2017
Definately bring cash. We have been caught out with no cash machine and no one taking cards. Tired hot thirsty and hungry is not the recipe for a great day out. Memorable for all the wrong reasons!
Tue June 20 2017
Looking forward to summer baseball.
Sun June 18 2017
I would bring a book or magazine too.......just in case you have to wait for the event to start or there is a delay in the action
Thu June 15 2017