Sports in the heatwave

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Jul 18 2013
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It is the last weekend of the US Open and many tennis enthusiasts will no doubt flock to the sunny Flushing Meadows, trying to watch the great games of semi finals and finals in the next couple of days. 

Time passes before you realize when you’re watching a lengthy sport, so make sure you keep your cool in the hot summer days while enjoying any sports outdoor!

Stay hydrated in all ways, at all times

You can forget to drink water when you’re fixated on a game. It’s important to keep your body well hydrated, inside and out so drinking lots of water and staying in the shade will prevent heat exhaustion. Freezing a bottle of water the night before will keep it cold all day as it melts, so you’ll feel refreshed with every sip. Also a water spray bottle can help avoid heat exhaustion too – a spritz on the face, on the arms or on the legs can give your body an instant refresh.

Choose the right clothing

Wearing certain colors and materials actually does change the way you feel – temperature wise! Lighter and pale colours attract less heat and light cotton, silk and linen will keep you cooler than denim.  Sandals and flip flops also allow your feet to breathe during the day so opting for these instead of trainers will keep them sweat (and smell!) free.

Essential props

Always remember to use sunscreen when you are exposed to the sun, no matter how long you’re going to be exposed for. Last but not least, keep a pack of wet wipes in your bag for keeping fresh and clean instantly!

Cap / hat trick

Since you can’t avoid staying outdoors and you are not an ‘umbrella’ person, get yourself a hat or cap to prevent direct sunlight. To freshen up, pour a bit of ice-cold water into the hat/cap and quickly invert it and place on your head. Voila!

Eat, eat, eat

Don’t forget to eat – otherwise your body won’t be running on anything, which will make your energy levels extremely low. Snacking on fresh fruit such as strawberries, water melon and oranges will hold up your energy levels instead of snacking on a hot bag of chips, albeit delicious, it will make you feel hot and bloated.

 Let the great games begin!



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