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Spring get together – what takes your fancy?

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Apr 11 2016
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Spring is here - what will be your first spring gathering? A BBQ, a picnic or a trip to the beach?

With spring upon us, getting out and enjoying the ‘soon to be’ nice weather is a must. But it can be hard to make your mind up about what you want to do as your first big get together. A BBQ on the beach with your friends, or a family picnic in the park - there is something for everyone! 

We all love a BBQ - the smell of cooking food, eating the best crispy burgers and having a couple of refreshing drinks. It can be the perfect day, but this year we thought instead of having a normal BBQ in your back yard or on the beach, why not try something more fun and creative! 

Themed BBQ’s, you can plan a different theme each week, or even based each party on a different country and try new cuisine from around the world. Or you can go somewhere new, why not take your BBQ on an adventure, try setting up in a field somewhere and watch the sunset or the stars. If that’s not possible then try a rooftop over looking the city. (Make sure to always get permission from land or building owners first) 

Just like with BBQ’s picnics are great. Take a frisbee with you and you’ll have fun for hours! Heading to the park can become a bit repetitive though; try new places and new foods. 

You may think that for a picnic you need sandwiches and sausage rolls, but you can always be more creative with the foods you take. Try homemade sushi, or take an entire basket full of different desserts. It’s up to you what food’s you have.

Picnics are great, but beaches are not the optimal places to have them, too much sand in your sushi. Why not go to national landmarks, or head into the forest. You can go just about anywhere and have a picnic. They’re a great idea when you have kids and pets as everyone can get involved. 

Now that the sky is becoming lighter, and less cloudy it’s the perfect time to go stargazing with your partner or a group of friends. Take a tent and camp out somewhere. If you are lucky enough to have nice weather, you can lie under the stars with lots of blankets and sleeping bags. 

Stargazing is fun, but being in a town or a city centre can mean that you don’t get the full benefit of the stars. Head out of the city away from bright lights to see the stars. 

You’ll probably think that although the weather is improving it’ll be warm, but camping out can get quite chilly. Pack extra layers. When camping you have to be careful of food hygiene, if you are taking fresh food with you pack a cooler and make sure you keep it at a cool temperature to avoid things going off. You may also want to pack wipes to clean your hands before eating to get off any germs, and to have a quick freshen up! 

What are you doing for your first gathering this season? Let us know if you have any fun suggestions. 


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