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Spring is here - what are you going to do with the lighter evenings?

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes on Apr 22 2016
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Gone are the dark evenings, and miserable grey weather. Spring has arrived, and it has brought fresh flowers and 8pm sunsets. What will you be doing with your lighter evenings?

Last month daylight savings occurred and it has certainly left everyone excited for gaining more sunlight in the evenings. If you are looking for new things to do on an evening with your friends, family or even by yourself, we have a few new and exciting suggestions to add to your list.

Outdoor Adventures

Since summer isn’t quite here yet, the beaches probably won’t be too busy. Grab your friends and a few warm blankets, and head out for a lovely sunset on the beach. Make sure to pack some light snacks, blankets or jackets, and a portable speaker. Remember to bring those hand and body refreshing wipes to clean off your hands after indulging in some snacks and wiping your feet after walking barefoot in the sand. If allowed, make a small bonfire to keep warm. You will need to make sure, with the beach in your area, that it is ok to have a bonfire before you do, since some beaches will not allow it. If a bonfire is not your thing, why not try a sunset walk? Depending on where you are you could also go for a walk in the park, beach or even have an evening stroll out in the countryside. If you have a dog, don’t forget to take them along with you.

Home Improvements

During the winter months, you probably haven't even considered taking on some home improvement tasks, now is probably the right time to start thinking about re-decorating. Even if it’s just a fresh lick of paint on the walls that are looking dull, or an entire makeover - it’ll be a fun project to keep you busy for the next few weeks. If you don’t have the time or the budget for a home makeover but you’d quite like a change, you can try something easier, such as re-arranging your furniture and decorations or just have a general good de-clutter.  

Outdoor Exercising

When it’s misty, raining or even snowing you probably didn’t feel like going for a jog around the block, or doing yoga in your back yard. Now that the weather has improved, why not take your exercise outdoors? It will give you a burst of fresh air and more space to experiment new types of exercise. Don’t forget to take some refreshing body wipes to help wipe up the sweat, and to cool you down at the same time. If you don’t fancy yoga or jogging, try skipping which is great for getting your heart rate up and a quick blast of weight loss. Alternatively, you can have a quick a game of soccer in the back garden with your kids.


Plants often die in the winter, and it might be time to spruce up your garden. Get out in the garden and see what you can save, what needs digging out and replacing. You could also make some new additions to your garden, try a new flowerbed or if you have extra space, you could try growing some vegetables too! You can read more about gardening with the kids here (link to blog). 

What do you think you’ll be up to this Spring? Let us know in the comments what new activities you’d like to try!

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