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Summer Hair Removal Guide

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Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on May 10 2017
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Summer is right around the corner, the perfect weather to show off your smooth legs in summer dresses or raise your arms without worrying when jumping into the pool in swimwear.

These days more and more people decide to avoid the razors and razor burn; here we have a few quick tips, even if you don’t fancy removing it at all!

Go beyond the traditional shaving method
If you don’t want to shave but you still want smooth legs, hair removal cream is a great option for you. Hair removal cream is applied all over the area you want to remove hair from, left on for a couple of minutes and then cleaned off. Some allow you to shower the product off, whilst others supply you with a little spatula to scrap the product off.

This product is great if you are worried about dry skin from shaving, or if you just fancy to try something new. It is important to test out this product in a small area before using it on your whole body as some people can be allergic to new products. You should also keep wipes on hand whilst applying this product in case you get any somewhere you don’t want to remove the hair so you don’t end up with any uneven or patchy removal.

For longer term results you can use wax strips. When you first start waxing it can hurt a bit and take more time than using a cream, but after a few times you’ll master the technique and will enjoy careless and hairless weeks. There’re both cold and hot waxes available to be used in the peace of your own home.

If you’re going to shave, exfoliate first
If you have decided to stick to your usual shaving routine, make sure to exfoliate the area first to ensure they’re feeling smooth and silky to avoid any ingrown hairs or dry skin from shaving. It is important to make sure you do this step before shaving rather than after, to avoid irritating sensitive skin.

When exfoliating, make sure to avoid products with microbes, as they are not good for drain systems. Exfoliating wipes are a great alternative, and easy to dispose by just throwing them away after use.

This is for anyone - whether you’re going to shave, wax, cream or leave your legs au natural, it is important to moisturize, especially in the summer. Warmer weather doesn’t mean your legs won’t get as dry as they do in colder weather, however with the heat and humidity our skin can become dehydrated.

It is also important to note if you have suffered from sun burn previously, you should take extra care with the products you use to avoid skin irritation.

Show off your legs, regardless
If you don’t want to remove your hair during these warmer months, then show off your legs regardless of it and regardless of what anyone else says!

So ladies, if you’re planning to remove hair going into the summer months or not, it is important that you rock your summer legs! Let us know what your tips and tricks are.

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Great tips thanks
Mon June 26 2017
Fingers crossed
Mon June 26 2017
Good ideas
Sun June 25 2017
Great and unthought of tips to use
Sat June 24 2017
just trying a NO NO! hopefully will do the trick and save the dreaded razor burn.
Fri June 23 2017
Microbeads are so bad for the environment :(
Tue June 20 2017
I often get my legs waxed at the local college it's about £3.50 for half a leg and a bit more for full so it's really worth looking at a college near you, some hair removal products cost around that anyway. It's great being able to fling a skirt on without the wondering if I should shave first.
Tue June 20 2017
Great tips ☀️
Tue June 20 2017
Great tips. Thanks
Tue June 20 2017
Good tips.
Tue June 20 2017
Use veet, waxing toooo painful
Tue June 20 2017
I have to shave every day because my hair grows like barbed wire in every direction and really-that fast! Waxing doesn't work because of this problem, but no matter what- I get ingrown hairs- I'm going advise of exfoliating first- maybe you're onto something I never knew- thanks for the blog-I'll be back to read more on your website-thank you!
Tue June 20 2017
Never think of exfoliating before shaving. Must remember next time.
Tue June 20 2017
I'm too scared to try waxing myself. Prefer to leave that to the professionals!
Tue June 20 2017
Great tips - thank you
Tue June 20 2017
Interesting topic I will definitely be trying out the exfoliating wipes sounds so much easier.
Tue June 20 2017
a real pain, have tried creams but still get a type of razor burn afterwards, going to try a no no i think
Mon June 19 2017
Use quality products and use lotion right after shower .
Sun June 18 2017
great article,i never though to exfoliate before shaving,i'll give it a try
Fri June 16 2017
Very useful, thanks
Wed June 14 2017
use nair
Wed June 14 2017
Sorry, my only tip is to wear long pants
Tue June 13 2017