Sun kissed glow in winter time

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Sep 30 2014
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Now that summer is pretty much over, it’s time to welcome the winter season with open arms. 

When we pull on more layers to survive the cold weather, we wonder do you continue applying self-tanning products during winter? Or do you prefer a paler complexion in the colder months?

We put away the summer dresses and sandals for another year and start digging out the cosy knits, boots and woolly hats. With the sun not being at its strongest this time of year and your summer tan slowly fading away, sometimes the best way is to imitate it. And by imitate it, of course we mean self-tanning to give you that healthy, sun-kissed glow that will see you through the end of the year.

For some, it might be the case of just applying self-tanning products to some parts of the body, whether that is your face, your arms or your legs. Sometimes it just feels nice to look bronzed and healthy-looking. Thankfully, there are so many different ways to achieve a beautiful tanned look if you’re quite particular in application methods. There are creams, gels and mousse tanning products for those that prefer a precise DIY application, spray tans for those that want a quick and efficient all over application and then there are tanning wipes for those that just want a quick tanning ‘touch up’ on their face or legs before going out or to a special party.

Whichever method you prefer or like best for your lifestyle, at some point during application, you will probably get some tanning products somewhere you don’t want. The palms of your hands are usually the place where you’re likely to get unwanted self-tan, since you use them to apply any product on yourself. Even if you use a tanning mitt, it’s hard to avoid using the palms of your hands when you’re trying to get into the grooves between your fingers and applying tan on your wrists.

Have you ever wondered why certain skin areas tend to result darker tanned than others when applying a self-tanner? Where your skin is dryer it absorbs more of the tanning lotion. So before you apply a self-tanner it is worthwhile to wash your skin, do an exfoliating treatment and moisturize. Doing this will avoid those un-even tanning issues like darker knees and elbows. Darker areas can also occur around areas close to bone structure, like ankles, décolleté and shoulders. So make sure you massage the lotion evenly onto the skin until most of it is absorbed. 

Most tanning lotions will show effect in approximately 2 – 4 hours after application. So results may not be visible straight away and uneven application of the tanning lotion may result in unnatural-looking dark patches in different areas. This is also the reason why you should wash your hands really carefully after you’ve done applying tanning products.

Luckily for all you tanning lovers out there, there are specially formulated wipes that help remove any tanning lotion that you don’t want. These removal wipes will help get into the nooks and crannies where you don’t want tanning products to effect, especially for a spray tan where the machine pretty much covers every inch of your body.

Of course there are also other tried and tested methods for removing self-tan where you don’t want it, like salt mixed with olive oil or salt and lemon juice to make a gentle exfoliator. But self-tanning removal wipes are super easy to use and target the right areas and at least you know and can see any excess coming off. 

So whether you’re lucky enough to maintain your summer tan all through the winter or enjoy the feeling and look of a sunless kissed tan all year round, these removal wipes are a necessity to clean up any mistakes on yourself or even if you accidentally put some self-tanning product anywhere around you.

Self-tan is definitely not for everyone but a tan certainly gives you a nice glow even if it happens to be false. Practise definitely makes perfect when self-tanning and if you are a beginner at this, then we would recommend self-tan removal wipes just in case. Soon enough, you may not need them but at least you know they exist if you want to achieve the ultimate perfect sun-kissed tan!

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Thx for the info abt the tanning removal wipes. I did not know these existed. I will def keep that in mind when/if I self tan again.
Tue October 14 2014
I always feel better with a bit of suntan :-)
Sun October 12 2014
Use wipes everyday!
Sun October 12 2014
Never tried them before....tempted now.
Fri October 10 2014
love sun tanning , my skin looks more better after!
Fri October 3 2014
I use them between doing home visits as a nurse!
Thu October 2 2014
Wipes have a great deal of uses in our household, from removing my daughters "panda eyes" eye-liner to giving my rings a quick polish if they get a bit dull. We are never without them; I always carry some anti-bacterial wipes in my handbag as one of the family always requires one when we are out and about.
Wed October 1 2014
some great tips here
Wed October 1 2014