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Suominen Goes Running

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Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 17.36.32.png Posted by: Mika Koivumäki on Jul 25 2016
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About a year ago I promised to join the Suominen team in a local running relay, Karhuviesti so I had to start training to keep up with my colleagues. 


In the past, I jogged a few times a year, but these days I run two to three times a week to keep up my stamina.

The thing I enjoy the most about running is that great feeling you get after a long run. I think running is quite an easy exercise to get into because there is no exact routine or schedule to abide by and there is no need to run in a team – I can easily go running whenever I feel like it and for as long as I am capable of doing. 

When it comes to personal hygiene and running, there are a few things I like to do. If I need to change into different clothing after a run, I always prefer to take a refreshing shower beforehand. However, if I cycle to work, I typically just use a refreshing body wipe and deodorant wipe to freshen myself up. This may not be everyone’s preferred method after doing some exercise (even something as light as cycling), but it works for me. I daren’t tell my colleagues though, in case they judge me for it!

I also like to clean my trainers as often as I can because dry mud and dirt is really hard to remove if left on for a long time.

When using any type of deodorant – whether this is in the form of a spray or wipe – I am attracted to the scent and as long as it smells good, I am happy to use either. However, individual sachets of deodorant wipes are very convenient when out and about that way I don’t need to carry a bulky deodorant can. 

The refreshing cooling wipes helped a lot in keeping me cool whilst running and afterwards too. They are certainly convenient, especially when you get yourself into warm situations. I would definitely recommend taking a few of these with you if you’re running – one is just not enough! 

I think wipes come in handy and postpone the need for a shower if there’s not one available or you simply don’t have time to have one. For sports like baseball or hockey wipes are convenient where you might have to wait in-between tournaments or half time. However, large body wipes are amazing for times like this when you don’t have access to water or feel the need to go through the process of a shower. They smell nice and the size is really good to allow the wipe to cover most of your body, freshen up, and make yourself feel cleaner. 


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