Super Saturday

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes on Mar 14 2014
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It’s that time of year again where rugby lovers all around the world have an official pass to sit in front of the TV all day watching 3 matches back to back, drink beer and snack until their heart’s content. The entire day is filled with enthusiastic loud cheering, several beverages and delicious finger food.

Rugby is one of the best sports to get everyone together and really make a day and celebrate this sporting event. So if you enjoy this sporting event with all your friends, as a couple or just on your own whilst your partner leaves you to spend the day doing something they love doing like shopping or treating themselves to a spa day, the entire day should be treated like any other day – enjoying what you’re doing as best as you can!

And for all the ladies out there that are leaving their better halves to become a sporting fanatic for the day, why not treat yourself to a DIY home spa day since you don’t have to worry about anybody but yourself. Check out our pampering guide to really indulge in your pampering needs.

In the spirit of supporting your favourite team, it is sometimes an unwritten rule for people to paint their faces with their favourite team’s colours or if you live in the US watching American football, the thick black stripes on the upper cheeks. And if you thought American football players wore that black paint on their faces to intimidate the opposite players , then let us tell you that in fact, they are painted on to reduce the glare of facial sweat and the rays of the sunshine when looking up to see the ball in the air. There’s a little fact you can impress people with!


There’s nothing better than showing your support for your favourite team by wearing the teams shirt, painting your face and shouting your support to the TV so by the end of the day, you are either too tired to tidy up or too lazy to attempt your usual cleansing routine at night. This is where facial wipes come in super handy to wipe and clean away any paint on the face before you forget and wake up with a bed pillow covered in paint. For men, it is probably the most convenient, fuss-free way to clean up their faces and for women, it’s just one of the best and fitting way to sleep with a clean face without having to go through a 5 step facial cleaning process.

When it comes to any sporting even that requires only a comfy sofa and big screen TV, access to food and drinks need to be easy and easy to get to. So think, only finger foods that do not really require anything fussy such as plates or knife and forks. Setting up a small table near your seating location with several different dishes of easy –to-grab foods such as chicken wings, nachos, peanuts, crisps, pretzels and don’t forget the dips! A few napkins would usually suffice when handling finger foods but when you’re holding your beer in one hand and your phone in the other (to update your running commentary of the game on your personal social networks; obviously!), it can get a bit messy. So have a few hand wipes nearby to clean up any stickiness on your hands or mouth, especially if you’re having anything like chicken wings and dip.

Don’t forget that this day is all about doing something you enjoy but even better when it’s spent with your loved ones so make a big deal out of any sporting event or celebratory event in general to make a fuss of something as magnificent as rugby (just don’t forget the post-cleaning part, wipes are a saviour on this potentially messy day!).

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