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Supermodel Skincare Tips

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Feb 11 2016
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It’s no secret that supermodels are gorgeous, but how do they get such amazing skin? 


It is officially fashion week in New York and London; we are about to see some of the world’s most famous supermodels strutting down the runway with the most elaborate designs from some of the top fashion designers in the world. If you have ever seen the backstage of a fashion show then you know that every person involved will be rushed, busy and stressed. 

Yet for supermodels looking their best is their top priority as they are hired to be the face of big fashion brands. As well as keeping to a healthy diet, skincare is also a must for most supermodels to ensure their skin is prepped and ready for the constant makeup changes. In the fast pace of the fashion world, we don’t doubt that makeup removal wipes are one of the key products for makeup artists and supermodels to use as they swiftly change from one makeup look to another in a short period of time. In such a busy environment there are bound to be a few messes and spills, and thanks to stain removal wipes they’re a quick fix! Some supermodels opt to using organic beauty treatments whilst there are others that do some very unusual tricks.

Let’s see what some of the top supermodels use during fashion shows…

Candice Swanepoel: Candice removes all her makeup with organic coconut oil. When having makeup applied and removed on a regular occurrence can often irritate your skin, so using something like coconut oil adds a lot of moisture and soothes skin. Candice also uses coconut oil in smoothies to help keep her skin glowing. 

Amber Valetta: Amber cleanses her face with goat’s milk, however she doesn't do this everyday because ‘the milk doesn't travel well’. Although not all of us have access to goat’s milk for cleansing purposes, you can actually get moisturizers that have it as an ingredient. 

Kate Moss: One of the most iconic models apparently ices her face before a night out. She said “Get some ice, put it in the sink, put some cucumber in there too and stick your head in it.” Joan Crawford reportedly used to also do it. The process of it wakes you up, and leaves your skin feeling fresh. 

Natasha Poly: Natasha gives her face a mini massage every morning and night, before she applies her skincare. It gets the blood flowing, which will then give you plump skin; it will also give a nice flush to your skin. 

Iman: Some call her ageless, but she attributes her good skin to wearing SPF 50 everyday, even in the winter. Claiming “At first I balked—I said, 'I have dark skin—I don't need that high of an SPF every day!' But I took on the advice, and I'm convinced that's why my skin has stayed in such good condition.”

Behati Prinsloo: Behati claims that she loves to spray her face with rose water spray before leaving the house, she also admitted that her favorite mascara was one from the drugstore. Ieva Laguna also uses rose, saying she dabs homemade rose tea under her eyes everyday. 

Nyasha Matonhodze: This beauty claims that she uses a gentle bar of soap on her faces. Saying less is more, and that during fashion week she often gets breakouts from all the makeup, so she washes it off every night!

These supermodel skincare secrets might seem a little unusual, but if it works for them and they are still dominating the fashion industry with their beauty, then we know it can’t be too bad for them or yourself. Like supermodels, we all have busy lifestyles whether it’s working a full-time job, looking after other people or chasing after your children all day, but the beauty of having makeup removal wipes is the ease of taking everything off in less than a minute. We imagine this is one of the most satisfying and efficient products in the fashion industry as makeup artists use them to quickly change from one look to another, and for supermodels to remove it all away after another busy (but successful!) day. 



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