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Messy faces, runny noses, and sticky hands which touch dozens of surfaces and items every day! And then there’s the nappies! Wipes are handy little helpers that are good to have both at home and on the road to keep the kids clean. Here you can find out more about dispersible baby wipes – whatever information you need, we got it all covered! 

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 21 2013
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Are you a dab hand at wiping chocolate from a toddler’s face? Maybe you’re the fastest nappy changer in the west.

Or, perhaps, you’ve survived a lunchtime splattering all over your new shoes, and learnt there’s no point crying over spilled milkshake while there’s a trusty wet wipe within reach.

Whether you’re a novice parent, or if you could give a super nanny a good run for her money, the ‘We Love Wipes’ Baby, Toddler and Parents Community needs you!


We want to create a community where likeminded parents can come together to exchange stories, ideas, and pictures about babies, toddlers and - of course -parenting.

From the art of wiping down high chairs, to cleaning kids’ toys, we’d love you to share your tales and tips about the joys and tribulations of parenting.

You’ll also be aware by now that the humble - yet versatile - wet wipe is possibly the greatest tool in any parent’s kit (alongside that magical sleep potion, perhaps). Every mom or dad will be all too familiar with the myriad of uses for wipes and how they’ve come to the rescue on more than one occasion – especially when chocolate is involved!

Here at We Love Wipes, we share your passion for wipes. Like you, we simply couldn’t live without these handy lifesavers.  However, we’re on a mission to make them even better, for your convenience; and we need your help.

We want to source your thoughts and opinions on wipes and how we can improve our product. We’ll be seeking your input and feedback through a number of interactive forums, such as live web ‘hangouts’ where you can chat to us about your experiences.

We’ll share this information with industry experts, who’ll work to create even better wet wipes: your feedback may even lead to a new product launch.

Joining our growing community is simple – even for busy and sleep deprived parents. Simply sign up, and away you go. It’s as easy as child’s play!

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