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Teachers, what would we do without them?

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Oct 5 2015
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Teaching your kids everything they need to know about hygiene can be really difficult, as it can quite easily slip your mind or they just don’t seem to pick it up when you tell them. But thankfully, there are teachers who can help on this matter.

When in elementary, schoolteachers would always make sure we wash our hands before meals; we would have to queue up one by one and wash your hands, something that was sometimes neglected at home. Although you are supposed to wash your hands before meals at home, some parent’s often forgot to enforce this before breakfast or even before a snack. It is one of those things with the stress of cooking, and trying to get everyone to sit down at the table to eat. When kids are running around and pets are under your feet, it’s easy to forget to make everyone wash their hands, so it’s understandable why parents sometimes forget. 

Thankfully that’s where teachers come in 5 days a week, and they enforce the rule that kids must wash their hands before meals. They also teach kids to be self sufficient when going to the bathroom, and tidying their desk. Since teachers are great at what they do, we thought that today, on World Teacher Day, it would probably a good idea to treat them on their special day. 

World Teacher Appreciation Day 2015

We thought we would come up with a few suggestions as to something quick, easy and inexpensive that you could give to your kids’ teacher to show just how much you and your kids appreciate all that they do. 

A mug, there are tons of places out there that sell ‘World’s best teacher’ mugs, or even create one yourself. You can get decorate your own mug kits, it’ll be great if you get the kids to decorate it (you may want to give them a helping hand) but it is something personal and I am sure teachers will appreciate it. 

Flowers. This depends on the teacher, as some will be accepting of flowers, some however may not. If you are friendly with the teacher flowers are great gifts to give to them.  

A sign, a lovely sign that you can probably make yourself with some ribbon and a piece of wood. Paint and decorate it with patters and write something sweet like ‘Best Teacher’ or ‘Miss ‘Scotts’ Classroom’. 


A personalized ‘Thank You’ Card. Nothing says thank you more than a handwritten card explaining how grateful you are for everything they do for you and your kids. It’s something personal and it explains how amazing they are to your whole family.

Homemade cookies or cupcakes. Why not get your kids to do something fun and bake some cookies or cupcakes with you – don’t forget to add some personal message, too. 

World Teacher Appreciation day - it’s all about celebrating your kid’s teachers and everything they do. Some people may not appreciate them enough for all the work they do - not only teaching our kids, but for caring about them and paying attention to important practices that they need to know in life. Teachers are great, so celebrate all that they do for you and your kid, and say a great big Thank You


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