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Tennis inspired nails in 7 steps

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Sep 3 2013
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Who would have thought that playing any competitive sport would stop you from having fabulous nails? 

There are some professional female tennis players such as Serena Williams, or Laura Robson who are well known for having 'fierce' nails. Even during competition such as Wimbledon! Playing tennis doesn't stop them looking their best at all times, and with this years tennis season already in motion we have a inspired nail look for all you tennis fans. 


Step 1.

Always clean and prepare nails by removing any nail polish with nail polish removal pads or wipes, file and shape them. Add a clear base coat to protect nails from staining.


Step 2. 

Using any green colored nail polish, paint all but the accent finger (the finger nearest to the little finger). Apply second coat once the first has dried.


Step 3.

Using a bright yellow colored nail polish, paint accent finger. Again, apply second coat once the first has dried.


Step 4.

With a fine paintbrush & white colored nail polish, carefully draw a thin line of white paint across the nail 1/3 below the tip of the nail on all the green painted fingers. 


Step 5. 

With the same white nail colored polish & brush, carefully draw inverted curved lines on the yellow painted nails on either said of the nail to represent the white curvatures seen on tennis balls. 


Step 6.

With another clean fine brush (or use a wet wipe to clean the excess white nail polish on the last brush - this works!) and using black colored nail polish, carefully paint diagonal lines under the white line of the green colored painted nails. Continue drawing a netted pattern until it looks as though it represents the net used in tennis.


Step 7.

Once finished painting with both hands, seal the painted colors with a clear top cost and voila - you're ready to play tennis with fabulous nails. 

There are plenty of sports games that involve a ball and net so this tutorial could be adapted in different ways. Sports such as baseball, basketball and football are all similar – this nail tutorial could be used as a base by replacing different colors to represent the particular sport. Put your thinking cap on and be creative!

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