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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Jul 24 2014
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Some time ago We Love Wipes ran a survey asking a set of questions related to staying fresh and products used for personal and intimate hygiene. We just want to say a huge thanks!

All the respondents gave us a pile of material to study, so thank you for that! Some of the comments were really eye-opening – for example reading about home care of medical conditions, needing continuous care and disposable wipes being used to help taking care of hygiene. Also, some detailed descriptions of DIY solutions in the area of personal cleanliness made us burst into laughter, so again, thank you for that! What we loved more was the number of male participants getting involved in the survey too. We know hygiene is very important in both male and females but sometimes maintaining hygiene practices differ for both genders so it was interesting to get opinions and comments from both sides.

Based on the result, it seems that we’re increasingly adopting wipes to our daily routines, especially when a quick refresh during a day or a makeup removal is needed. Yet, nothing seems to beat a relaxing moment in the form of a bubble bath. In the area of feminine care, tampons are the most common products followed by panty-liners, which are used also as a “back-up” essential during periods. When it comes to hair removal, it seems that there are a large number of you, both males and females, who have had hair removed from their chest, arms, ears or nose and that you’re definitely never going to try again. Some respondents seemed to get most creative in the area of sex hygiene, before and after the action; in unexpected situations, no surroundings from socks to bedspreads and curtains are safe when “indoor activities” take place.

But thanks for sharing your routines, favorites and experiences with us – it really does help us improve the future of wipes for you all!


Some of the insights included in responses will be used at Suominen - the biggest nonwoven roll good producer of the world – you help to support development of nonwoven materials which are used as components in disposable wiping and intimate hygiene products. You get to experience the results of this work in enhanced and improved products you’ll find on the shelves of supermarkets and pharmacies in the future.

The winner of our randomly drawn $50 Amazon voucher is Ryan Noble from Northern Ireland – Congratulations! Some respondents also announced their interest in participating to closed group discussions on wiping products. We’ll contact some those people during the coming months.

Stay tuned for more of We Love Wipes activities!

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